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Former Acting Director Mike Sullivan Repeats Claims Of Possible Undetonated Bombs
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2013-04-16 07:50
2013-04-16 07:50
While talking to interviewers on CNN Mike Sullivan repeats the claims about two undetonated bombs that may have been found.

"you obviously have two that were detonated, and two others that may have been secured" - Sullivan

"what does that does the number of devices tell you? you know two that went off probably two others that didn’t go off so you’re talking about four maybe more now, what does that say?" - CNN interviewer

Also interesting is the "BREAKING NEWS" at the bottom of the screen stating "Mass. lawmaker says 2 unexploded devices found"
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Fmr. ATF Acting Director Mike Sullivan says total number of bombs potentially tells how long the Boston Marathon attacks were being planned
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