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Police Scanner Frantic Voice - “Definitely Devices Here! I Need Officers! Definitely Devices Here!”
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2013-04-15 14:51:40
2013-04-15 14:52:30
Recorded over police radio a man is explaining that he needs help because he has found some type of [explosive?] devices. CNN used audio of the clip and confirms what Infowars stated the man said.

Frantic man: "Definitely Devices Here! I Need Officers! Definitely Devices Here!"

Another Officer: "Units stay off the air and make your way over there" - not sure if he means to the man who said he found devices, or to the site of the explosion
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STARTING POINT TRANSCRIPT: Two Bomb Explosions at Boston Marathon Kill Three and Injure over 100 people
Police Radio Traffic - Boston Marathon Bombing 4/15/13