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Margaret Higgins Sanger
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Born 1879-09-14
Died 1966-09-06
Eugenicist that Fought for birth control rights to exterminate the poor and non-white races.
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In a response to a British News paper claiming that 10% of British people were “feebleminded” Sanger responds that he is way off, saying that 70% of all people in the USA have an intellect lower than that of a 15 year old.
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Many, perhaps, will think it idle to go farther in demonstrating the immorality of large families, but since there is still an abundance of proof at hand, it may be offered for the sake of those who find difficulty in adjusting old-fashioned ideas to the facts. The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.
- 1920
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As a few companions were sitting with me one evening, we debated in turn voluntary parenthood, voluntary motherhood, the new motherhood, constructive generation, and new generation. The terms already in use - Neo-Malthusianism, Family Limitation, and Conscious Generation seemed stuffy and lacked popular appeal... We tried population control, race control, and birth rate control. Then someone suggested 'drop the rate.' Birth control was the answer.
- 1938
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