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Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke
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Born 1800-10-16
Died 1891-04-24
Father Friedrich Philipp Victor von Moltke
Prussia war hero. Served in the Ottoman Empire's army.
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Eternal peace is a dream --and not even a beautiful one. War is part of God's world-order. Within it unfold the noblest virtues of men, courage and renunciation, loyalty to duty and readiness for sacrifice--at the hazzard of one's life. Without war the world would sink into a swamp of materialism. Further, I wholly agree with the principle stated in the preface that the gradual progress in morality must also be reflected in the waging of war. But I go farther and believe that [waging war] in and of itself--not a codification of the law of war--may attain this goal.
- 1880
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On the Nature of War
Author(s): Helmuth von Moltke
Publisher: H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online
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