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Bleecker van Wagenen
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Died 1921-10-12
Father F. W. Bleecker van Wagenen
Mother Sarah van Wagenen
Businessman and eugenicist.
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Van Wagenen a supporter of killing “undesirables” contracts Typhoid Fever - a disease commonly contracted because of poor hygiene, and contact with fecal mater.
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Whether wholly of defective inheritance, or mostly of good inheritance, but suffering from an insurmountable hereditaty handicap, members of the following classes must be considered as socially unfit, and their uspply should, if possible, be eliminated from the human stock:
1) the feebleminded
2) the pauper class
3) the criminal class
4) the epileptics
5) the insane
6) the constitutionally week or the asthenic class
7) those predisposed to specific diseases, or the diathetic class
8) the deformed
9) those having defective sense organs, as the blind and the deaf.

- 1912-07-24
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Along with the penal, hospital, and eleemosynary care, a remedy looking toward the cutting off of the supply of defectives is being sought on every hand. Among other remedies, the following have been proposed as means for promoting or effecting the desired ends :
1) Life segregation (or segregation during the reproductive period).
2) Sterilization.
3) Restrictive marrage laws and customs.
4) Eugenic education of the public and of prospective marriage mates.
5) Systems of mattings purporting to remove defective traits.
6) General environmental betterment.
7) Polygamy.
8) Euthanasia.
9) Neo-Malthusian doctrine, artificial interference to prevent conception.
10) Laissez-fare.
Which of these remedies shall be applied? Shall one, two, several or all be made to operate?
- 1912-07-24
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Properly applied, I believe that sterilization will be a great benefit to humanity if generally adopted
- 1912-07-24
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