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Mehmed Mehmedbasic
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Born 1886
Died 1943
Bosnian Assassin, first of a seven man team to murder Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
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In a chain of events leading up to World War I the Archduke and his wife were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Princip was just one of a seven man team set to murder the Archduke. The assassins had prior knowledge of the street path the automobile was driving through and were lined up along side each waiting for their chance to kill the Archduke.

  1. Mehmed Mehmedbasic - failed to murder the Archduke because a police man was too close to him while he waited, and was afraid that if he failed his attempt the other assassins would not get a chance to carry out the deed. Mehmedbasic was the only assassin able to escape.

  2. Vaso Cubrilovic - failed to murder the Archduke because he was afraid that he may injure or kill the Archduke's wife. He lived through his prison sentence and became a historian.

  3. Nedelko Cabrinovic - a friend of Princip who invited him into the murder plot. He threw a bomb, but hit the wrong car which injured a few people. He failed to kill him self by drinking poison, and he later died in prison from Tuberculosis.

  4. Cvetko Popovic - did nothing in the plot claiming he could not see the car because he was near-sighted. He survived a prison sentence and became a school principal

  5. Danilo Ilic - master mind of the assassination plot. he had connections to the Black Hand secret society, and the exile community. He had no weapon, but he was the one that supplied the others with gun’s and bombs. He was executed.

  6. Trifko Grabez - did nothing fearing he may hurt an innocent by-standard, or get his friend standing next to him unjustly arrested. He died in prison.

  7. Gavrilo Princip - Hearing the bomb going off that was thrown by Cabrinovic and assumed that the assassination was complete. The motorcade had already passed by when he realised what had happened. For some reason the motorcade came back to a place where Princip was standing on a corner, the car backed-up to turn down the same corner Princip was standing and this is when he fired two shots - one killing the Archduke, the second killing his wife. Princip failed trying to shoot him self, and in swallowing a a poison pill. He died in prison. Princip also had ties to the Black Hand and its leader Dragutin Dimitrijevic aka Apis

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