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Hans Michael Frank
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Born 1900-05-23
Died 1946-10-16
Top Nazi that carried out the murder of captured SA during operation hummingbird. After his arrest he converted to Catholicism.
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Hans Frank was given the order to put all captured SA officers in the prison to death. He objected to the executions with out paperwork. Sepp Dietrich put Frank on the phone with Hess and Hitler who quickly persuaded him otherwise.

Dietrich proceeded to walk the through the prison doors telling each of the SA officers that Hitler had declared them traitors and they were to be executed. The were walked out one by one where they were killed by firing squad. They knew many of these people and knew they were at least innocent of the made up charges of high treason but they carried out the killings all the same. Murdered in this manor were:

Edmund Heines
August Schneidhuber
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Hitler is lonely. So is God. Hitler is like God.
- 1936