Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!
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That background may place what people at Findhorn are doing in some perspective. They are evolving a group Christ. They are, by demonstrating a new civilization, a new way of doing things, preforming the Christ function of drawing that same awareness out of the world. So in a very real sense Findhorn represents the Second Coming. Any individual, any centre, who so embodies the new that it becomes a magnetic source to draw the new out of the rest of the world, also embodies the Second Coming. - David Spangler

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Gerhard Riegner

German Jew that warned high level Zionist Jews that the Nazi’s planned on exterminating Jews in German held territories.

Riegner Gets Intelligence Report From Schulte That Hitler Was Planing To Gas Jews
Eduard Schulte who had close working ties to top level Nazis had sent word to Gerhard Riegner stating that the Nazi’s planed on gassing all the Jews in German held providences. The report was sent to American and British governments, and also heads of Zionist Jew organizations. The groups mostly ignored the account.