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Chaim Weizmann
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Born 1874-11-27
Died 1952-11-09
Russian Zionist Jew, chemist, and first president of Israel.
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After learning about Hitler’s plan to counter the Jewish boycott of Germany with his own German-Jewish boycott the German Zionist group visiting London on Goring’s demand began having secret meetings with rich and powerful British Jews. The solution was to follow through with Zionist plan by the mass movement of Jews to Israel.

They met with Chaim Weizmann who helped setup meetings with Anthony Rothschild, Rufus Isaacs, Pinchas Rutenberg, and Lord Sieff.
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Arlosoroff in an attempt to finalize the movement of German Jews two Palestine goes behind the back of the London lead Zionist movement to approve land deals with the Arab sheikhs. Other secret meetings with Zionists including Weizmann, Cunliffe-Lister, Wauchope, and Rutenberg to discuss the creation of a fund / holding company to buy land in Palestine.

In between secret meetings Arlosoroff would try to update the London Zionists who would get upset that London was not in control and getting to approve all deals and decisions being made by Arlosoroff. Neumann and Senator eventually resigned in protest of Arlosoroff’s secret meetings that they were not apart of.

Some how Arlosoroff learned of the encoded telegram sent by Neumann to London telling them to stop support of Arlosoroff, and in response Arlosoroff sent a second telegram posing as Neumann stating that the first message was sent without his permission and to disregard.

After another fight between Arlosoroff and Senator - Cohen proposes they use his preexisting orange orchard land business as the holding company. German representative Wolff agrees to this arrangement if Cohen agreed to only buy certain products from Germany rather than other cheaper sources.