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Hans von Moltke
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Born 1884-11-29
Died 1943-03-22
German ambassador to Poland
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The Polish people launch a enforced and violent boycott against German people and goods in Poland. Hans von Moltke requests that the Polish government step in but is told that they do not want to get involved with it. Germany then threatens to file a complaint with the League of Nations.
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In a report sent to the German government from the ambassador to Poland - Hans von Moltke he states that the slogan being chanted was “destruction of everything in Poland which is still German”. He also reiterates that the Polish government had no interest in trying to subdue the violence and was even looking at the unrest as “useful”. Also Poland had set a double standard by stating that if any Polish people in Germany were harmed Poland would retaliate.
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Word on the Poland streets was that if Hitler was left in power he would eventually end up attacking Poland. So many leaders were for a preemptive attack to over take the East Prussia region of Germany. The only thing stopping an invasion was that Poland believed Germany had been amassing stock piles of weapons which was not true as of yet, and doubts in their own military prowess along with the costs of the conflict in the time of the Great Depression. Considering the situation Moltke’s assessment sent to the Nazi government was fifty percent chance of a Polish invasion.