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Cyrus Adler
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Born 1863-09-13
Died 1940-04-07
Father Samuel Adler
Mother Sarah Sulzberger
PhD of Semitic Seminary, and Librarian of the Smithsonian. Participated in the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 representing the American Jewish Committee.
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Cyrus Adler and Joseph Proskauer showed clear leanings against the anti-Nazi boycott, but once Jacob Sunderling wanted to speak the other side of pro boycott the meeting was instantly shutdown. This was done under the guise of keeping the Joint Distribution Committee a neutral platform.
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Adler received a letter from a German Jew friend that had escaped Germany and was living in France as a refugee. The letter had a list of Jews that were reported tortured to death.

The letter went on to say any one denying the atrocities was under duress or lying, and that only the Jews in Germany knew what was going on.

Adler ignores the letter and keeps on speaking out against the anti-Nazi boycott.
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Cyrus Adler and Alfred Cohen receive a cable stating that the Nazi Göring was forcing top Jewish officials to lie about Nazis atrocities. The cable warned Jewish officials would be sending out cables to Jews abroad telling them to stop the anti-Nazi boycott because the anti-Nazi hysteria had been overly hyped.

Instead of releasing the cable to the public which would empower the anti-Nazi boycott the two men kept it hush, and sent the cable to the Secretary of State Cordel Hull who had already been oppressing this kind of information. Hull’s response was to setup a meeting time to discuss the contents of the cable.
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Adler sends a letter to the Jewish War Veterans stating that they boycott they started “furnished a pretext for the German boycott” against the Jews.

In response JWV member George Fredman rebuked Adler and the American Jewish Committee stating that the JWV was the only group to combat German atrocities correctly - an attack on the AJC.

On the 16th Adler replies back stating that he and the AJC had been “acting in accordance with the wishes of leading Jews in Germany”. By this date Adler had received multiple confirmations that his “leading Jews” were either lying because of the Zionist agenda or were under duress.