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Daniel Rees - Freemason Initiate Dies From Burns
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Story has two versions, first as reported in Masonic Lodge literature - while Benjamin Franklin was attending the initiation of a person into the Masonic Lodge his shirt caught fire and was burned severely which “resulted in his death”.

Second account by author H. Paul Jeffers states that: “When apothecary Evan Jones learned that his apprentice, Daniel Rees, wanted to become a Freemason, he and other apprentices decided to pretend to be members and stage a mock initiation ceremony by dressing up like devils. Informed of the plan, Franklin treated it as a good joke, but quickly changed his mind. He sought to alert Rees, but was unable to find him. During the fake ceremony, Jones required Rees to swear obedience to the devil and seal the oath by kissing the behinds of the other apprentices. In the culmination of the initiation, Jones poured hot brandy on Rees. The resulting burns proved to be so severe that they became infected and Rees died. Convicted of manslaughter at a trial in which Franklin was prosecution witness, Jones was punished by having his hand branded.”
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