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Pennsylvania Statute Title 18 - A Crime To Reveal Secrets Of Any Group Having A “Grand Lodge”
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Pennsylvania Statue Title 18 section 6704 states that anyone that reveals the secrets of a Masonic Lodge (like the fact that they are Luciferians), or the secrets of any other shadowy group that meets in a "Grand Lodge" can be charged with a summary offense. This goes on your record for at least five years with no trial by jury - free for all potential employers to see.


§ 6704. Fraud on association having grand lodge.
A person is guilty of a summary offense if, without the authority of the grand lodge described in this section, he:
(1) fraudulently uses, in any manner, the name or title of any secret fraternal association, which has had a grand lodge having jurisdiction in this Commonwealth for at least ten years;
(2) imitates such name or title with intent to deceive;
(3) wears or uses any insignia of such association with intent to deceive;
(4) publishes or distributes, in any manner, any written or printed matter soliciting applications for membership in such secret fraternal association, or any alleged association claiming to be known by such title, or by a title in imitation or resemblance of such title; or
(5) sells or gives or offers to sell or give any information as to how any alleged degree, secret work or secret of such fraternal association or of any alleged association, claiming to be known by such title, or by a title in imitation or resemblance of such title may be obtained.
Cited Sources
Title 18 - CRIMES AND OFFENSES - Section 6704. Fraud on association having grand lodge.
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