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Snuff Party
Where a group of sick people will take kidnapped persons and murder (snuff the life out of) them. Sometimes they will torture and/or rape the victim first. These “parties” are usually done by extremely wealthy people that have everything, and done everything except killing someone.
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Six hundred Jews and Gypsies were sent to live in the cellars of the castle that belonged to Margit Thyssen. They were used as forced labor to ready fortifications for the Nazi army in preparation for the advancing Russian army. When the Russians were 15 Kilometers away and it was apparent that the German army could not hold them back Margit Thyssen throws a party. Invited to the party were top Nazis including SS, Gestapo and Hitler Youth. Around midnight they took around 200 Jews that were so malnourished they could no longer work and put them into a store room in a near by barn where the Nazi guests including Margit proceeded to shoot and torture the people to death. Fifteen prisoners were forced to dig the graves, and once the graves were dug and filled with those murdered from the party the night before the grave diggers were shot and buried with them.
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In an impromptu interview with TMZ - former Scorpions bass player Ralph Rieckermann says that he has been to snuff parties in Germany where people were murdered for amusement. Also that the elites that were attending were paying up to 100 thousand dollars to watch the murderers take place.

Rieckermann: “I went to one, one time I seen some really bad shit .. I think they, They actually killed people there and stuff ... they pay up to a hundred thousand big ones to see people get... I’m not kidding. I went to another one where literally I saw like the grossest - I wanted to throw up”

The young boys at TMZ show their immaturity and lack of respect for human life when they laugh at the thought of people being murdered.