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At first, in art, the sex organs were represented by pictures of them, but as man developed and ideas of morals changes, such representations seemed offensive or crude, and they were therefore gradually modified until the symbols could scarcely be recognized as sexual in origin. Other explanations and meanings where invented for the masses, who were no supposed to understand the true meanings. Thus, symbols came to have two meanings, the esoteric and the exoteric. - Charles G. Berger

William Joseph Casey

Former CIA director, involved in Iran-Contra affair.

William Joseph Casey
Birth 1913-03-13Death 1987-05-06


Knights of Malta - Member
Central Intelligence Agency - 13th Director
Initiated 1981-01-28Retired 1987-01-29
Appointed by Ronald Regan January 20th, Confirmed by Senate the 27th.
United States Securities and Exchange Commission - Chairman
United States Department of State - Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs
United States Export-Import Bank - President and Chairman
United States Executive Branch - Member, President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
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