Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!
In all the ancient religions, the being who guides the human spirit through the underworld and helps negotiate the way past the guardian demons is the god of the planet Mercury. But the initiates of the Mystery schools kept an even stranger secret. Halfway on the journey through the spheres, there is a swap. The task of guiding the human spirit upwards is taken over by a great being whose identity may perhaps be a surprise. in the latter part of the spirit’s ascent through the heavenly spheres, the guide who lights the way is Lucifer. - Mark Booth

Ignatius Of Loyola

Founder of the Jesuits

Ignatius Of Loyola
Death 1556-07-31
Ignatius Loyola sporting a masonic hand sign.Ignatius Loyola sporting a masonic hand sign.


Jesuits - Founder
Retired 1556-07-31
Alumbrado - Member