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Pennsylvania Association for Individuals with Disabilities

Front non-profit run by John Murtha and cohorts to funnel money to Murtha’s lobbyist friends, and back to his own campaign. The organization went under the instant Murtha died February 2010.

Pennsylvania Association for Individuals with Disabilities
Founded 2001-06-01Desolved 2010-02-08
John Murtha’s Front Non-Profit Organization investigated Roll Call
The non profit PAID founded by John Murtha was investigated by the news organization Roll Call in which they said they “could find little evidence that the group was doing anything”. This is despite having collected 650 thousand dollars in John Murtha’s earmarks. Despite having over half a million dollars Roll Call found out through the Department of Labor that PAID had not done anything with the money due to high turnover and not having anyone with enough authority to sign off on checks.
John Murtha Funnels Half a Million Dollars Into Non-Profit Front Company
Murtha secures half a million dollars for a front non-profit company headed up by his lobbyist friends.
John Murtha’s Front Company Receives An Extra 150 Thousand In Earmarks
Another large sum of money (150 thousand dollars) was secured by earmarks sponsored by John Murtha to his front non-profit company. In 2007 when Roll Call did its investigation it still had all this money.