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John Patrick Murtha

Politician that payed earmarks to his front companies he owned and pocketed the money.

John Patrick Murtha
Birth 1932-06-17Death 2010-02-08
FBI Opens Investigation On KSA Consulting
Started 2009-06-19
In an internal FBI memo agents stated that they needed to "open a full public corruption investigation" on the lobbying company KSA Consulting.

The investigation never went anywhere because no one from KSA Consulting was ever brought up on charges.
FBI Sits On John Murtha Probe - Because He Was Alive
Started 2011-10-25Ended 2011-10-25
In an article from they make the claim that the FBI did not release a probe on John Murtha because he was alive, and even though there was evidence about shady business practices it was still Murtha’s personal information - not to be released. The probe states that Murtha was earmarking funds to be paid to non-profits he owned himself, and was headed up by Murtha’s lobbyist friends, and paid money to the lobbyist companies they worked for.
John Murtha’s Front Non-Profit Organization investigated Roll Call
The non profit PAID founded by John Murtha was investigated by the news organization Roll Call in which they said they “could find little evidence that the group was doing anything”. This is despite having collected 650 thousand dollars in John Murtha’s earmarks. Despite having over half a million dollars Roll Call found out through the Department of Labor that PAID had not done anything with the money due to high turnover and not having anyone with enough authority to sign off on checks.
John Murtha Funnels Half a Million Dollars Into Non-Profit Front Company
Murtha secures half a million dollars for a front non-profit company headed up by his lobbyist friends.
John Murtha’s Front Company Receives An Extra 150 Thousand In Earmarks
Another large sum of money (150 thousand dollars) was secured by earmarks sponsored by John Murtha to his front non-profit company. In 2007 when Roll Call did its investigation it still had all this money.
KGC Awarded 7 Million In Tax Dollars For 43 Jobs
Started 2006-10-26Ended 2007-10-26
According to John Murtha KGC was awarded five contracts totaling seven million dollars. The contracts were issued from Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, the Air Force, and Coherent Systems International. Each job cost over $160,000.
John Murtha: CSI and KGC Act As One Company
Murtha in a news release states that Kuchera Group of Companies (KGC) and Coherent System International (CSI) work "virtually as one company".

Which KGC was raided by FBI and IRS in 2007, and CSI’s CEO Richard Ianieri plead guilty to taking kickbacks.


Pennsylvania Association for Individuals with Disabilities - Founder and Honorary Chairman
Initiated 2001-06-01Retired 2010-02-08
This “non-profit” went under the same month Murtha died.
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