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Raymond Bertrand “Pope Clement V” De Got
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Born 1264
Died 1314-04-20
Pope known for destroying the order of the Knights Templar.
Pope of Catholic Church 1305-06-05 1314-04-20
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Once the Knights Templars were dispersed Pope Clement V transferred their holdings to the Knights Hospitaller - this left the former Templars with feelings of malice toward the Hospitallers that appears to have surfaced during the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.
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Jacques de Molay made confessions under torture that he later recanted. When he did this King Philip had him burnt to death.

According to legend de Molay said that Pope Clement V and King Philip would have to give an account to God with in a year. Clement died a month later, and Philip died that November during a hunting expedition.