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George Neithardt
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German Judge that presided over Hitler's trial for the Beer Hall Putsch.
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Found guilty Hitler was sentenced to three months imprisonment, but judge George Neithardt stepped in and got the sentence reduced to one month and probation. Neithardt was the judge to preside over Hitler in the Beer Hall Putsch case.

Destruction of files related to this case was top priority when the Nazis first came to power.
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Hitler seeing that the prosecutor and the Judge were sympathetic to his cause used the trial to voice his propaganda. His opening speech was over 4 hours, and the judge George Neithardt allowed Hitler to interrupt the proceedings as he saw fit. The prosecutor even praised Hitler often through out the trial.

Hitler was found guilty but given the minimum sentence for high treason. He prison was a low security facility, and was given an early parole. He only stayed for nine months