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Adolf Hitler

Leader of the NAZI party.

Adolf Hitler
Birth 1889-04-20Death 1945-04-30
Hitler giving a Masonic hand signHitler giving a Masonic hand sign
FatherAlois Schickelgruber
MotherKlara Polzl
unknown date
A bullet fired by a policeman is a bullet that belongs to me. And if you say that is murder, then I am the murderer. I know of only two types of people: those with us, and those against us.
The victor will not be asked afterwards whether he told the truth or not. When starting and waging war it is not right that matters, but victory. Close your hearts to pity. Act brutally.
I wish that I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big America cities to help in the elections. We look on Heinrich Ford as the leader of the growing Fascisti movement in America. We admire particularly his anti-Jewish policy which is the Bavarian Fascisti plaform. We have just had his anti-Jewish articles translated and published. The book is being circulated to millions throughout Germany.
unknown date
I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration.
Hitler Reports Hanisch To Police For Embezzlement
Started 1910-08-04Ended 1910-08-18
Hitler had been claiming that Hanisch was cheating him out of the price of his paintings. It lead to a head when Hitler complained to the police and Hanisch was arrested and sentenced to seven days in prison.

charge quote: “embezzlement of fifty crowns in the form of a picture that was to be sold”

Hanisch was sentenced on the 11th.
Beer Hall Putsch (Munich Putsch)
Started 1923-11-08Ended 1923-11-09
Was an attempt by the Nazi party to start a revolution lead by Hitler and Erich Ludendorff. The Nazi party and the Hermann Göring’s Brown Shirts. They marched to the Odeonsplatz square in central Munich where the mob was fired upon and dispersed. When the police opened fire Hitler ran into a “yellow Opel parked nearby with its motor running”. Sixteen of the rioters, and three police men died.
Show Trial Of Hitler For The Beer Hall Putsch
Started 1924-02-26Ended 1924-04-01
Hitler seeing that the prosecutor and the Judge were sympathetic to his cause used the trial to voice his propaganda. His opening speech was over 4 hours, and the judge George Neithardt allowed Hitler to interrupt the proceedings as he saw fit. The prosecutor even praised Hitler often through out the trial.

Hitler was found guilty but given the minimum sentence for high treason. He prison was a low security facility, and was given an early parole. He only stayed for nine months
Hitler Writes Mein Kampf While At Landsberg Prison
Started 1924-04-01Ended 1924-12-20
Hitler was sent to Landsberg prison to serve his five year sentence along with Rudolf Hess. The two worked on Hitler’s book Mein Kampf meaning My Struggle/War. The prison had comfortable quarters, and many of the guard’s were fans of his trial and his ideas.
Nazi Party Outlawed
Ended 1925-01-01
After the Beer Hall Putsch the Nazi Party was banned. After the release of Hitler from prison he was able to reverse this decision, but Hitler was not allowed to do public speaking for two years after the lifting of this ban.
Hitler Becomes A Naturalized German Citizen
Started 1932-02-25Ended 1932-02-25
Being born in Austria, Hitler was not a German Citizen. In order to run for office he naturalized.
Otto Strasser Is Kicked Out Of The Nazi Party
Started 1930-07-04Ended 1930-07-04
Hitler under the request of large industry supporters expelled Otto Strasser from the Nazi Party. Gregor his brother that had similar ideas in regards to socialism as Otto stayed with the party.
Hitler Turns Down Meeting With Winston Churchilll
Winston Churchill interested in Hitler because of him trying to run against a World War I hero for office and doing a good job at it sought to meet with Hitler. Even though Hitler was at the same hotel he refused to see him stating he was unshaven. Historian Paul Maracin thinks this was an inferiority complex on Hitler’s part.
Hitler Loses Run Off Election Vs Paul von Hindenburg
Paul von Hindenburg beets Hitler by nearly six million votes.
Hitler Expels Gregor Strasser From The Nazi Party
Started 1932-12-07Ended 1932-12-07
In a seeming act of jealousy Hitler kicks Gregor Strasser out of the Nazi Party. Strasser was offered a cabinet position (something that would normally be given to the party leader i.e. Hitler) by then chancellor von Schleicher. This was an intentional move by the chancellor to destabilize the Nazi Party.
Secret Meeting Between Hitler, Joachim von Ribbentrop, and Oskar von Hindenburg
Started 1933-01-22Ended 1933-01-22
Hitler leader of the Nazi Party, Joachim von Ribbentrop a wine importer, and Colonel Oskar von Hindenburg the son of the then president of Germany Paul von Hindenburg meet secretly at von Ribbentrop’s house for unknown reasons. Eight days later Hitler was appointed Chancellor of the Reich.
“Suicide” of Geli Raubal
Started 1921-09-18Ended 1921-09-19
Geli shared an apartment with her Uncle Adolph Hitler where toward the end of her life they constantly fought like lovers.

She was also said to be having an affair with a Emil Maurice a Jew and former body guard of Hitler, and also she was rumored by closed friends to be pregnant at the time she died the father was unknown.

She was found September 19th with a gun shot to the heart, and Hitler’s own gun laying by her side.

It is said that it was rare for Hitler to leave his gun behind, and also odd most of the Nazi guards were off duty that night.

Historian Paul R. Maracin sites that Hitler and his niece Geli were into coprophilia.
German Government Passes Enabling Act
Started 1933-03-23Ended 1933-03-23
Even though he had only been voted into office for several months the German parliament met in an opera house and voted for the “The Law for Alleviating the Distress of People and Reich”. Even though the Nazi party did not have the 2/3rds majority to pass the bill Hitler had already used his military force the SS and SA to round up a majority of the communist and social democrat opposition in response to the Reichstag fire. The people that he had not rounded up were either in hiding, or voted for the bill under the duress of being thrown into jail. The measure passed 441 to 84.
Ernst Rohm Arrested By Hitler
Started 1934-06-30Ended 1934-06-30
In the early morning SA leader Ernst Rohm was arrested by Hitler as part of Operation Hummingbird. Hitler had told Rohm to arrange a gathering of the top SA members for a dinner that night, but instead Hitler showed up early that morning while they were still in their hotel beds and arrested them.
SA Member August Schneidhuber Arrested
Started 1934-06-30Ended 1934-06-30
Schneidhuber the Munich Chief of Police was taken into custody where Hitler told him he was a traitor and removed his rank.
Hitler Waits At Munich Train Station and Arrests SA Officers As They Arrive For Dinner In His Honor
Started 1934-06-30Ended 1934-06-30
Top leaders of the SA has received telegrams from Ernst Rohm telling them to come to a dinner where Hitler would address the leaders with important business. As the SA officers arrived for the dinner Hitler was there with the SS and arrested them all.
Hitler Gives The Kill Command Starting The Night Of The Long Knives
Started 1934-06-30Ended 1934-06-30
Around 10am Hitler arrives at the SA headquarters the Brown House. Now that Hitler had rounded up the heads of the SA that could rally the underlings of the group against Hitler he made a call to Göbbels to announce the go ahead to begin murdering the rest of the people on the Nazi’s hit list.
Bernhard Stempfle Secret Keeper of Hitler Shot Dead
Started 1934-06-30Ended 1934-06-30
Bernhard Stempfle a priest and personal friend of Hitler was found in a forest outside of Harlaching with his neck broke and shot in the heart area of the chest three times.

He knew about Hitler’s incestuous affair with his niece Geli, and the coprophilic fetish Hitler had with the girl.
Hitler Joins Presidency and Chancellor Office
Started 1934-08-01Ended 1934-08-02
When von Hindenburg died on the 2nd Hitler announces a bill that the Chancellorship and Presidency offices would be merged into one with Hitler taking that position. Von Hindenburg had been sick, but to how they posted the date on the bill the day before seems either lucky, his death was planed, or they lied and post dated the bill the day before he died.
Hitler Has Reinhold Hanisch Killed
After the Nazis invade Vienna Austria Hitler has Reinhold Hanich arrested by the Gestapo. While under custody he conveniently hung him self in his cell. The source of the suicide was top Nazi Martin Bormann.
Munich Pact
Started 1938-09-29Ended 1938-09-30
The Nazis, France, Britain, and Italy signed an agreement that Germany would stop further land acquisitions.
Hitler Promises The Sudetenland Land Acquisition is His Last
Started 1938-09-26Ended 1938-09-26
After the take over of Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia he promised to a large group of of gathered people in Berlin “this is my last territorial demand” - which was a lie.
All Of Czechoslovakia Annexed To Nazi Germany
Started 1939-03-15Ended 1939-03-15
Under threats of war and bombings the Czech government lays down to the Nazis and surrender the government.
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun’s Suicide Pact
Started 1945-04-30Ended 1945-04-30
Knowing that the Russian army was not long from apprehending the couple Eva Braun (Hitlers newly-wed wife) took cyanide capsules, while Hitler shot him self in the head.

Supposedly by Hitler’s request their bodies were taken out of his below ground bunker, doused with gasoline and burned.
Hitler and Göbbels Meet and Plan Anti-Jewish Boycott In Response Nazi Germany Boycott
Started 1933-03-26Ended 1933-03-26
In response to the Madison Square Garden boycott lead by Rabbi Wise to be held the next day - Hitler and Göbbels decide to have a counter boycott against German Jews.
Hitler Gives The Go-Ahead To Start Boycott Against German-Jews
Started 1933-03-27Ended 1933-03-27
Hitler approved a proposition by Göbbels to start a boycott against the German Jews in-response to the Madison Square Garden anti-Nazi boycott / protest to happen later that day.
German Papers Declare The Anti-Jew Boycott To Start April 1st
Started 1933-03-28Ended 1933-04-01
Unlike the Jewish boycott of German goods, the Nazis boycott of Jewish-German shops was enforced. Papers stated “no German shall any longer buy from a Jew”. This public announcement further fueled the anti-German boycott. The boycott was declared by Hitler not to start until April, and be orderly to keep the atrocity charges at bay. Despite that some Germans immediately took to the boycott, and even vandalizing and harassing Jewish shops.
Goering Arranges Meeting With Hitler, Schacht, and Thyssen
Started 1931-01-01Ended 1931-01-01
In a meeting arranged by Goering, Hitler gets to preach his party line to top banker Hjalmar Schacht, and German Industrialist Fritz Thyssen. Both became major financial backers of the Nazi party.
Foreign Minister von Neurath Resigns In Protest Of Anti-Jewish Boycott
Started 1933-03-31Ended 1933-03-31
In protest of Hitler’s anti Jewish protest Foreign Minister von Neurath resigns. In response Hitler says that if von Neurath can get statements from the United States, Britain, and Foreign Jewish groups that the atrocity charges against Germany were lies, and to call off the Jewish led anti-German boycotts he would call off the Nazi Boycotts scheduled to start the next day.

Von Neurath took the charge and got the desired statements from both countries and some of the large Jewish groups apposed to the boycott. When von Neurath presented this to Hitler he still declined to stop the anti-Jew boycott.
Hitler “Pauses” Anti-Jewish Boycott Under Final Request From von Hindenburg
Started 1933-03-31Ended 1933-03-31
Hitler receives a final call from von Hindenburg requesting that he calls off the anti-Jewish boycott. Hitler finally agrees to call off the boycott seeing that the Nazi party is still young and boycotts focused on Germany would destroy the party. Instead of totally stopping the boycott he declared them “paused” for five days to see if the anti-German boycott will stop, and if at such time it has he will totally abandon his anti-Jewish counter boycott.

This turned out to be only words because the SA brown-shirts went on with a violent boycott despite what Hitler said, and even coupled it with vandalism and assaults.
Jewish Socialist Kurt Eisner Assassinated In Munich Germany
Started 1919-02-21Ended 1919-02-21
Kurt Eisner was shot in the back by the German nationalist Anton Arco-Valley. Hitler attended the funeral.
Anton Drexler Confronts Hitler In A Letter For Lying About His History With The Nazi Party
Drexler became perturbed with Hitler after he lied about his history with the early German Worker’s Party. Hitler stated that he had joined the party when it first started, and that he was the seventh member to join. In actuality he joined nine months after it’s inception, and was the five hundredth and fifty fifth person to join.
Hitler In Court For Violent Breakup Of A Meeting
Found guilty Hitler was sentenced to three months imprisonment, but judge George Neithardt stepped in and got the sentence reduced to one month and probation. Neithardt was the judge to preside over Hitler in the Beer Hall Putsch case.

Destruction of files related to this case was top priority when the Nazis first came to power.
Hitler Requests The Chancellorship After Nazi Party Becomes Largest Party In The Reichstag
Started 1932-08-13Ended 1932-08-13
Once the Nazi party became the largest party in the Reichstag Hitler held a meeting with President Hindenburg to request the Chancellorship. Since the Nazis did not hold the majority Hindenburg turned him down.
Petition To Hindenburg For Hitler As Chancellor
Due to Communist party power growing in Germany some predominant powers began a petition to get Hindenburg to appoint Hitler to the chancellorship.
Hitler and Von Papen Meet To Plot Rout To Power
Started 1933-01-04Ended 1933-01-30
Through meetings together von Papen agreed to push for Hitler to become Chancellor, but only if von Papen was put in the the Vice-Chancellor position.

Also Hitler agreed that he could only have two other Nazis in his cabinet. Göring as Minister, and Frick as Reich Minister of the Interior.

These meetings took place at the house of German banker Kurt von Schröder.
Assassination of Ernst vom Rath By Herschel Grynszpan
Started 1938-11-07Ended 1938-11-09
Angry about the deportation of his family out of Germany back to Poland Grynszpan shot vom Rath who died of his wounds two days later.

When vom Rath died Göbbels politicized his death, and with Hitler’s approval unleashed the Nazi SA upon the German Jew population in a pogrom known as Kristallnacht or the ’Night of Broken Glass’.
Nazi Pogrom “Night of Broken Glass”
Started 1938-11-09Ended 1938-11-09
In response to the death of Ernst vom Rath (whom had been shot two days earlier by Polish Jew Herschel Grynszpan) Göbbels approached Hitler to get approval to unleash an attack on German Jews.

With Hitler’s approval the SA was sent out to beat German Jews, and break the windows out of Jew’s houses and businesses. German Jews were also murdered this night.
Hitler Decrees No Jews In Government Positions
Started 1933-04-07Ended 1933-04-07
By decree of Hitler all Jews working in government positions are released from their job.
Schacht Purposes To Freeze Accounts In Germany Belonging To Foreigners And Emigrants
Started 1933-04-07Ended 1933-04-07
After the anti-Nazi boycott had started Schacht met with von Neurath and Hitler to talk about the dire situation. For a remedy Schacht purposes that the Reichsbank freeze accounts of foreigners and emigrants. This frozen money would be used to pay reparations while the owners would only be able to spend their money in Germany.
Czech President Would Stand By Polish Invasion Of Nazi Germany
Started 1933-04-22Ended 1933-04-22
In a cable sent from von Hassell to von Neurath and von Hindenburg he stats that reliable sources close to Czech President Masaryk had stated that he would support Poland if they decided for a preemptive war against Germany.
German Ambassador To Czechoslovakia Confirms Masaryk’s Intentions To Back Polish Invasion
Started 1933-04-25Ended 1933-04-25
Walter Koch the German ambassador to Czechoslovakia sends a cable to Berlin stating that there is “no doubt” that preemptive war was under careful consideration in Prague. He also says that Masaryk had been making statements in favor of Poland attacking Germany and that the Czech government would fully back the attack.
Schacht’s Trip To America
Started 1933-05-04Ended 1933-05-13
Schacht then President of Reichsbank had come to America to talk to President Roosevelt and the Secretary of State Hull about the current Germany situation. Roosevelt voiced concerns about the Jewish persecution going on in Germany, but was eager to mend economic ties. Also at the meeting Schacht dropped the bomb - Germany was running out of finances and would soon be defaulting on all external loans. Roosevelt’s response was “Serves the Wall Street bankers right!”. Hull was more concerned with this news and the affects that it would have on the depression ravaged American economy.

Schacht also met with President of RCA David Sarnoff and other prominent Jewish group heads including Stephen Wise. Schacht repeated the Nazi rhetoric that what was happening inside of Germany was not the concern of foreigners. The talks broke down and went nowhere - especially seeing that the Jews knew that the boycott was crippling Germany’s economy.

When Schacht was leaving he was contacted by James McDonald on behalf of the Foreign Policy Association. McDonald stated that France was talking about invading Germany and dividing up the country if the Jewish persecution continued. The information was relayed to Hitler after Schacht was back on the boat to Germany.
Nazis Accept Sam Cohen’s Transfer Deal
Started 1933-05-13Ended 1933-05-13
Cohen had been working with the Nazis to allow Jews to give 10% of their value to the Nazis. In exchange the Nazis would allow the Jews to pay the 1000 pounds it would take to transfer to Palestine. The remainder of the money would stay in Germany where it would be sold through Cohen’s company to outside inverters wanting to buy up cheep German money.

With the Jewish led boycott pounding hard on the German economy Hitler had little choice and accepted Cohen’s deal.
General Motors Converts Automobile Plant To Create War Plane Engines
After Hitler invaded Poland he went into talks with James Mooney of GM to convert the GM Russelsheim plant from making automobiles to war planes. GM teamed up with the Junker company to begin making engines for the Junker German war plane the Wunderbomber. Once the conversion was completed Mooney personally meets with Goering to inspect plant.
James Mooney Meets With Hitler On Occult May Day Holiday
Started 1934-05-01Ended 1934-05-01
According to Mooney they discussed Hitler’s “New Deal”, re-industrializing Germany and getting Germans into cars. May Day is the occult druidic holiday that just 11 years later Hitler would kill him self and have his guards burn his body.


Germany - Chancellor
Initiated 1933-01-30Retired 1945-04-30
Bavarian Army - Regimental Staff Runner
Retired 1920-03-31
First Company of the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry
German Workers’ Party - Member
Initiated 1919-09-12
Initially put in the group as a military counter-intelligence officer to keep tabs on the group Hitler decided he liked the ideas of the group and became a leader with in the party after his discharge from the military.
Nazi Party - National Socialist German Workers’ Party - Chairman
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