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Angelika Maria “Geli” Raubal
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Born 1908-06-04
Died 1921-09-19
Niece to Adolph Hitler.
“Suicide” of Geli Raubal 1921-09-18 1921-09-19
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Geli shared an apartment with her Uncle Adolph Hitler where toward the end of her life they constantly fought like lovers.

She was also said to be having an affair with a Emil Maurice a Jew and former body guard of Hitler, and also she was rumored by closed friends to be pregnant at the time she died the father was unknown.

She was found September 19th with a gun shot to the heart, and Hitler’s own gun laying by her side.

It is said that it was rare for Hitler to leave his gun behind, and also odd most of the Nazi guards were off duty that night.

Historian Paul R. Maracin sites that Hitler and his niece Geli were into coprophilia.
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Bernhard Stempfle a priest and personal friend of Hitler was found in a forest outside of Harlaching with his neck broke and shot in the heart area of the chest three times.

He knew about Hitler’s incestuous affair with his niece Geli, and the coprophilic fetish Hitler had with the girl.