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Canon Law Society of America
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Founded 1939-11-12
Organization that specializes in Catholic canon law. It was formed into a non-profit just over two years before the 1983 canon was released.
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In a response back to the a letter sent by Freemasonry asking it if was ok for a Catholic to become now become a member of Freemasonry with the new canon law in affect Thomas Anslow of the Canon Law Society of America replied “probably yes” since he did not see anything subversive about Freemasonry.

Granted that in the letter sent by the Freemasons it stated that an “allegiance to one God is all we require”. The statement does not declare which god, or that if you believe in many gods you can only have allegiance to one - to both of these statements the God of the Christian bible is apposed to.
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Treasurer: Rev. Thomas C. Anslow, JCL
Author(s): Canon Law Society of America
Publisher: Canon Law Society of America