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Occult all male club that combines all religions into one as long as you believe in “the great architect” or one god. Contains many occult symbols linked back to the time of Egypt.

Studholme Lodge In Surbiton Consecrated
Started 1876-01-31
The Studholme lodge in Surbiton, Surrey was founded, and named after the family of John Studholme Brownrigg.
Studholme Lodge Moved To London
The popular lodge that so many of Britain’s rich elite and politicians were apart of in Surrey moved it’s operation to London.
Masonic Lodge Named After Henry John Spencer-Churchill
After Henry Spencer-Churchill’s death in battle on the HMS Dolphin the Churchill Lodge #702 masonic lodge was named after him. Winston Churchill’s Father, and Uncle were both initiated into this lodge.
Pope Clement XII Passes Law Prohibiting Freemasonry
Started 1738-04-28
Pope Clement XII issues a Papal Bull “In Eminenti” declaring Freemasonry to be “condemned and prohibited”. Also that any Catholic involved with the secret society or any of it’s members will be excommunicated.
Catholic Canon Law Bans More Masonic Orders
In the Canon Law issued by the Catholic church in 1918 the Masonic ban is broadened to other guilds in the Order of the Quest. Those openly expressed as forbidden were as follows: Socialists, Communist party, Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, Sons of Temperance, and “other societies of the same sort”.

To be forgiven the Church declares that the perpetrator must quit the secret order that they are a member of. Oddly enough the church says that in some of these guilds if stopping the payment of dues would cause you a “grave loss” you could continue to pay dues (which this is not biblical in the slightest).
Catholic Church Loosens It’s Stance On Freemasonry
Started 1983-11-27
The new Canon Law of 1983 removed the explicit name of Freemasonry from its banned secret society list (along with all others). Instead it is replaced with the vague wording - any “association which plots against the Church”. Since Freemasonry by it’s own admission is a secret society how would confessing Catholics know to stay away from it just reading the Canon Law?

Also the penitently of joining an group that “plots against the Church” is no longer punishable by excommunication, but instead with interdict which is the forbidding of taking communion and other minor things (which according to the bible is not a requirement of salvation).
Canon Law Society of America: Ok For American Catholics To Be Masons
Started 2000-09-15Ended 2000-09-15
In a response back to the a letter sent by Freemasonry asking it if was ok for a Catholic to become now become a member of Freemasonry with the new canon law in affect Thomas Anslow of the Canon Law Society of America replied “probably yes” since he did not see anything subversive about Freemasonry.

Granted that in the letter sent by the Freemasons it stated that an “allegiance to one God is all we require”. The statement does not declare which god, or that if you believe in many gods you can only have allegiance to one - to both of these statements the God of the Christian bible is apposed to.
Duke Karl Theodor Of Bavaria Issues Second Edict Banning Secret Societies.
Started 1785-03-02Ended 1785-03-02
In an effort to disband the Illuminati and Freemasonry in the country of Bavaria the then Duke Karl Theodor issues a ban on the practice of subversive secret societies. Unlike the first edict this one specifically bans Freemasonry and the Order of the Illuminati by name.
Duke Karl Theodor Of Bavaria Issues First Edict Banning Secret Societies.
Started 1784-06-22Ended 1784-06-22
Several ex and discontented members of the Bavarian Illuminati got word up to Duke Karl about plans the Illuminati had against seated royalty and the Catholic church - which the Duke was both. The Duke issued an edict which stated that all secret societies that were unauthorized by the government were illegal and to be disbanded. The edict did not specifically state that the Freemasons and the Illuminati were the targets, but the groups were not authorized and fell under the persecution of the government of Bavaria.


Samuel Langhorne Clemens - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1861-05-22Retired 1861-06-12
Polar Star Lodge No. 79, A.F.&A.M. in St. Louis
Samuel Langhorne Clemens - Fellow Craft
Initiated 1861-06-12Retired 1861-07-10
Polar Star Lodge No. 79, A.F.&A.M. in St. Louis
Samuel Langhorne Clemens - Master Mason
Initiated 1861-07-10
Polar Star Lodge No. 79, A.F.&A.M. in St. Louis, until he quit the organization, but he still visited the Carson City Lodge two times the following year (1868) in February and March.
Joseph Smith - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1842-03-15Retired 1842-03-15
Joseph Smith - Master Mason
Initiated 1842-03-16Retired 1844-06-27
Just a day after being initiated into the freemasonry cult he becomes a Master Mason - skipping the second level which is Fellow Craft.
Joe H. Fendley - Master Mason
York Rite and Scottish Rite 32° Freemason.
Joe B. Davis - Member
Philomathea Lodge No. 25 F. & A.M.
Horace Bradford - Master Mason
Philomathea Masonic Lodge No. 25 - 32° Scottish Right
Frank Bradford - Worshipful Master
Jopa Masonic Lodge No. 162. - 32° Scottish Rite.
Charlie Clamp - Master Mason
Matanuska Lodge No. 293 Alaska
Manly Palmer Hall - 33°
Initiated 1973-12-08Retired 1909-08-29
Despite never joining the Scottish right of Freemasonry he was given the title of 33° (the highest) in a ceremony held at the Philosophical Research Society.
Samuel Adler - Member
Albert Edward - Grand Master
Henry Ford - Master Mason
Initiated 1894-11-28
Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, MI
Member: Zion Lodge No. 1

*note the interesting lodge names for someone that thinks the Jews are the root of all evil.
John Studholme Brownrigg - Provincial Grand Master
Provincial Grand Lodge in Surrey
Charles Clive Bigham - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1901-05-24
Studholme Lodge in London
Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill - Fellow Craft
Initiated 1901-07-19Retired 1902-03-25
Henry James FitzRoy - Provincial Grand Master
For Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire lodges.
Ferdinand John St john - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1902-03-25
Studholme Lodge #1591
Henry John Spencer-Churchill - Deputy Grand Master
Lodge of Antiquity #2
Henry John Spencer-Churchill - Past Senior Grand Warden
Henry John Spencer-Churchill - President of the Board of General Purposes
Henry John Spencer-Churchill - Provincial Grand Master
Initiated 1836-09-02Retired 1840-06-02
George Charles Spencer-Churchill - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1871-02-09
Churchill Lodge #702
Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1871-02-09
Churchill Lodge #702
Charles Richard John Spencer-Churchill - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1894-05-07
Churchill Lodge #702
Thomas B. Fairleigh - Grand Master
Robert W. Poole - Master
Mt. Zion Masonic Lodge in Troy.
J. Howard Williams - Member
Porterville Lodge 303 F & AM
Stephen Gary Wozniak - Member
Charity Lodge No. 362, Campbell, CA
Johann Adam Weishaupt - Member
Retired 1830-11-18
Masonic Lodge “Theodor zum guten Rath” in Munich, Bavaria.
Johann Jakob Lanz - Member
Masonic Lodge “Theodor zum guten Rath” in Munich, Bavaria.
Anton Clemens Von Törring zu Seefeld - Member
Lodge “Theodor zum guten Rat”.
Franz Paul Edler Von Berger - Member
Lodge “Theodor zum guten Rat”
Joseph Christian Von Königsfeld - Member
Karl Eligius Von Strommer - Member
Josef Georg Von Delling - Member
Franz Xaver Von Kammerloher - Member
Franz Von Paula Hoheneicher - Member
Max Joseph Von Frauenberg - Member
Stanislaus Von Taufirchen - Member
Maximillian Kaltner - Member
Franz Paul De Dufresne - Member
Franz Xaver Ferdinand Josef - Member
Franz Xaver Von Hueber - Member
Franz Benedict Baader - Grand Master
Lodge Theodor zum guten Rat.
Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwing Von Knigge - Member
Retired 1796-05-06
Lodge of the Crowned Lion (Zum gekrönten Löwen)
Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwing Von Knigge - Knight of the Rite of Strict Observances
Miles Menander Dawson - 32°
F. and A. Mason 32°
Andrew Jackson - Grand Master
Grand Master of Masons in Tennessee.
Andrew Jackson - Member
Member of Harmony Lodge No. 1, Nashville, Tennessee, an Honorary Member of Federal Lodge No. 1 F & A M in Washington, D.C. and Jackson Lodge No. 1, F & AM, Tallahassee, Florida.
William McKinley - Member
Initiated 1865-05-03
Raised in Hiram Lodge, No. 21, A.F. & A..M. in Winchester, Virginia.
Herbert Clark Hoover - Member
Initiated 1911-11-28
Holland Lodge No. 8, F. & A.M. in New York, New York.
Andrew Johnson - Member
Greeneville Lodge No. 119, (now No. 3), F. & A.M., Greeneville, Tennessee.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Member
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Member
Initiated 1784-12-14
Lodge Zur Wohltatigkeit (To Charity)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Member
Lodge Zur wahren Eintracht (To True Concord)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Raised
Initiated 1784-12-05
Franz Stephan Von Lothringen - Member
Retired 1765-08-18
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Member
Initiated 1911-10-11
Holland Lodge No. 8 of New York City. His sons are also members of the order. Was made the first Honorary Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay on April 13, 1934.
Gerald Rudolph Ford - Member
Initiated 1949-09-30Retired 1974-08-09
Malta Lodge No. 465, Grand Rapids, Michigan. His brothers were also initiated with him.
Gerald Rudolph Ford - Master Mason
Initiated 1951-05-18
Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, D.C.
Gerald Rudolph Ford - Fellowcraft
Initiated 1951-04-20Retired 1951-05-18
Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, D.C.
Gerald Rudolph Ford - Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33°
Initiated 1962-09-26
And Honorary Member, Supreme council A.A.S.R. Northern Jurisdiction at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.
John J. Robinson - Member
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