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Batman Shooter Witnesses: Someone Let Shooter In Emergency Exit
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Two separate witnesses state that they saw someone helping the Batman shooter.

Witness 1 - "As I was sitting down to get my seat, I noticed that a person came up to the front row, the front right, sat down, and as credits were going, it looked like he got a phone call. He went out toward the emergency exit doorway, which I thought was unusual to take a phone call. And it seemed like he probably pried it open, or probably did not let it latch all the way. As soon as the movie started, somebody came in, all black, gas mask, armor, and threw a gas can into the audience, and it went off, and then there were gunshots that took place."

Witness 2 - "we don’t know, we have ideas, we- from what we saw he had someone with him, because the second can of teargas did not come from his side. he was completely dressed in black - head to tow. from what we saw it seemed he had something over his face probably to prevent him breathing it in we can only assume someone got him in, because whatever he was wearing was thick, so i think he would stand out in a crowd."

From the two above quotes we can see that the shooter knew which theater the movie was playing in which would be hard to do from the outside unless all theaters were playing the film (we know at least one other theater was playing the film). Secondly that he waited until the very start of the movie (after the credits) how would he know how long to wait till the movie actually started. Last that there would be no way for him to enter in the emergency exits unless someone had the door cracked open for him. Emergency exits in theaters do not always have alarms on them because I have seen people use them to walk out of the theater when a film is over with no alarm sounding.
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