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Anabaptist Munster Rebellion 1534-01-23 1535-06-25
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A group of communist Anabaptist lead by Jan Matthijs, and Johannes Bockelson revolted against the city of Munster Germany in which the city leaders were easily ousted. They then threw everyone out of town whom would not go along with the new collectivist rule - they were not allowed to take anything with them.

Matthijs was killed three months after the uprising, and the Jew Bockelson took his place - at which time he renamed the city to "new Zion", and then proved he was delusional by proclaiming his rule as the start of the "thousand year reign of peace" spoken of in the Bible that will happen at the second coming of Jesus. He even went as far as approving polygamy and took many wives.

The rule of the group came to an abrupt end when the Catholic church sent in troops. The leaders were quickly captured, tortured to death, and then the rotting bodies of the three most prominent rebel leaders were hung on the Catholic St. Lambert’s Church. The cages remain to this day minus the bones.
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At the age of fourteen while exploring the crypts under the St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna Austria Guido von List promises to erect a temple to the ancient Norse god Wotan (Odin).
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Senator Sam Brownback got in front of the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus and apologizes for “Christians” that caused “pain and bloodshed and deafness to suffering that we have hoisted upon you and your ancestors”. Claiming to be a Christian Brownback should have known that the suffering of the Jews is from their disobedience to God which is clearly stated in the Jewish Law (the first five books of the Christian Old Testament) in Deuteronomy 28:15. So in actuality what the Catholic Brownback was doing was apologizing on God’s behalf.
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A book that recently came out declares Pop John Paul II to have a special belt that he would whip him self to be “a sharer in the redemptive suffering of Christ”.

The book writer Slawomir Oder wrote that “In the closet, among the cloaks, a particular pant-belt hung from a hook, which he utilized as a whip and one which he always had brought to Castel Candolfo”. Oder at the time was the head of the council that judges if Popes should be given the title of "saint" after they die.

self-mortification, self-flagellation is not biblical.
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Gaberiele Amorth the chief exorcist of the Vatican states that the death of Alois Estermann, his wife, and Cedric Tornay (both men being members of the Vatican Swiss Guard) were a "cover-up".