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Richard G. Kieninger

New Age Lucifer worshiper that in his fictional book “The Ultimate Frontier” claims to be a reincarnated Egyptian pharaoh that has been chosen to unite the world to create an ultimate civilization that will advance the majority of the humans on earth to the state of ascended masters. Truly he is a false prophet and was sued by both the “utopian” towns he created - the Stelle Group, and the Adelphi Organization.

Richard G. Kieninger
Birth 1927-08-15Death 2002-03-26
Eklal Kueshana
<strong>Ultimate advancement to the pinnacle of existence [is]-to be one with God!</strong> You cannot become one with God until you are His equal in knowledge of everything. ... God created us in order to glorify Him in the greatest way imaginable, which is to elevate ourselves to His very level. <strong>This concept must not be thought sacrilegious.</strong>
Jehovah, having been responsible for our creation, was loathe to bring us to the trials that would make us grow through adversity. Instead, He provided man with a superabundance of readily gathered food in a subtropical climate. That Was Eden ... Even though the passing millennia demonstrated that man was not learning ... Jehovah and His followers clung to Their altristic experiment. <strong>Those other Angles who differed with Jehovah finally took matters into Their own hands and set about to destroy Eden. This was done under the leadership of the great Angel, Lucifer, to whom we owe the advantages of our present advancement.</strong>
Levitical priests falsely equated Him [Lucifer] with Satan in order to discredit the <strong>Freemasons</strong> among the Jews, who <strong>hold Lucifer in high esteem</strong>.
Armageddon will finally put and end to war ... Armageddon’s violent culmination will take place about a year before the turn of the century. [FALSE PROPHECY]
<strong>Much information must be accepted blindly until such time as you can test it and prove it to yourself.</strong> Experience is the test of truth. <strong>As a student, you are obliged to regard everything you are taught as being true.</strong>
Adelphi Organization Sues Founder Richard Kieninger
Started 1989-02-07Ended 1989-02-07
The Adelphi Organization which is a New Age cult town in Texas established by Richard Kieninger sues to get Kieninger to resign from being a trustee of the land owned by the cult. Claiming that no one wanted to join the town due to Kieninger’s name being on the board of trustees.

members object strongly to [Kieninger’s] continued personal control and do not want to live in a residential community where the land is controlled by [Kieninger] as former chairman and former member of [the Organization]. Thus the development of the community has been brought to a standstill.
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