Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!
The rise of the Christian Church broke up the intellectual pattern of the classical pagan world. By persecution of this pattern’s ideologies it drove the secret societies into greater secrecy; the pagan intellectuals then reclothed their original ideas in a garment of Christian phraseology, but bestowed the keys of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy by their vows. - Manly Palmer Hall

William McKinley

25th President of the United States, and Freemason.

William McKinley
Birth 1843-01-29Death 1901-09-14


Freemasonry - Member
Initiated 1865-05-03
Raised in Hiram Lodge, No. 21, A.F. & A..M. in Winchester, Virginia.
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