Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!
Let's look at Northern California. - it isn't just not in the ratty part of town, but the upper class in San Francisco is that way. Now, bohemian Grove that I attend from time to time - is the most faggy God-damned thing you could ever imagine. that San Francisco crowd that goes in there - it's just terrible. I mean, I won't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco. - Richard Milhous Nixon

Gerald Rudolph Ford

38th President of the United States of America, and Freemason.

Gerald Rudolph Ford
Birth 1913-07-14Death 2006-12-26
Gerald Ford in a masonic apron.Gerald Ford in a masonic apron.
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It is apparent to me that the Supreme Architect has set out the duties each of us has to perform, and I have trusted in His will with the knowledge that my trust is well-founded.


United States Executive Branch - 38th President
Initiated 1974-08-09Retired 1977-01-20
Freemasonry - Member
Initiated 1949-09-30Retired 1974-08-09
Malta Lodge No. 465, Grand Rapids, Michigan. His brothers were also initiated with him.
Freemasonry - Master Mason
Initiated 1951-05-18
Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, D.C.
Freemasonry - Fellowcraft
Initiated 1951-04-20Retired 1951-05-18
Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, D.C.
Freemasonry - Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33°
Initiated 1962-09-26
And Honorary Member, Supreme council A.A.S.R. Northern Jurisdiction at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.