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Gregorio Papareschi

Papareschi was of Royal blood. He passed the papal bull named “Omne Datum Optiumum” meaning “Every Perfect Gift” that endorsed the Knights Templar, and stated that they no longer had to pay any tithes, or taxes which was unheard of at the time.

Gregorio Papareschi
Death 1143-09-24
Pope Innocent II
Papal Bull Endorses Knights Templar By Releasing Them From Tithes and Taxation
Pope Innocent II basically made the Knights Templar their own distinct Church, by declaring that they do not have to pay any secular taxes, or pay any tithes to the Catholic church. The bull also states that they can build their own church which they can collect money, along with the ability to create their own cemeteries to bury the dead in. All of these sweeping powers were unheard of being granted to any group, but the Templars were granted all in one bull.

Quotes From The Papal Bull:

"As for the things that you will receive from the spoils, you can confidently put them to your own use, and we prohibit that you be coerced against your will to give anyone a portion of these. We establish that the house or ’the Temple’ in which you are gathered, for the praise and glory of God and the defense of his faithful ones, as well as liberation of the church of God, with all your goods and possessions that it is known to legitimately have at the present time or may acquire in the future through concessions of bishops, generosity of kings and princes, gifts of the faithful or in any other just away, with God’s help, shall be under the guardianship and protection of the Apostolic See for all time to come. We also establish in this present decree that the religious life that has been instituted in your house, inspired by divine grace, shall be observed inviolably and the brothers who serve the Lord therein shall live chastely without personal property, and, confirming their profession by words and morals, shall be subject and obedient to their master and to those whom he ordains. Moreover, since this house of your sacred institution merited to be the source and origin of the order, it shall likewise forever be considered the head and principal of all the places that belong to it."

"And because those who are defenders of the Church should live and be sustained from the goods of the Church we by all means prohibit the exaction of tithes against your will from all moveable and unmovable possessions and anything that belongs to your venerable house. But we confirm with apostolic authority the tithes that you might extract by your zeal, with the advice and consent of the bishops from the hands of clerics and laymen, and even those that you obtain with the consent of bishops and their clerics."

"While also reserving for bishops episcopal rights, in regard to tithes, as well as religious services and burials, we likewise grant permission to build places of worship in locations given to the Holy Temple, where your community resides, in which religious services would certainly be held and where, if any one of your or your community should die, they may be buried. For it is not unbecoming and constitutes clear danger to the souls if the brothers of the order commingle with multitudes of men and crowds of women, under the pretext of going to church."
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