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Department of Homeland Security

Grouping of government bodies formed after the attacks of 911.

Department of Homeland Security
Founded 2002-11-25
250+ Top Level Military Workers Caught Purchasing Child Porn At Work
A investigation found that over 250 workers (civilian and military even including highest level security) working at the Pentagon were found to be buying and downloading child porn onto their work computers.

This was a subset of 5,000 Americans found by a government probe of people paying for and downloading child porn. This means that of all the people found in this probe 5% was from the pentagon. Many more of the 5,000 had also been traced back to non-pentagon military persons.

The Department of Defense cross referenced the 5,000 with it’s databases and found that it also contained members of the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The government only processed 20 percent of the claims, and prosecuted only 10 people.

The Upshot article states that these people would be vulnerable to blackmail, which is probably the main reason the government is not firing and/or prosecuting every child porn pervert on that list.
Operation Delego Launched
Department of Homeland Security launches Operation Delego to catch child porn rings. According to DHS this was a spin off of “Operation Next Egg” and “Operation Joint Hammer”.
DHS Charges 72 Of Child Porn Under “Operation Delego”
Started 2011-08-03Ended 2011-08-03
Claiming the “Largest U.S. Prosecution” of child pornography the Department of Homeland Security announce charges against seventy two members of a group called Dreamboard whom created and shared child porn.

This would not have been the biggest prosecution if DHS actually prosecuted the over two hundred and fifty government workers found to be dealing in child porn back in 2006. In that case they processed twenty percent of the claims, and prosecuted ten of those people.
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