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Michael Lippert

Nazi SS Officer

Ernst Rohm Shot In His Prison Cell
Rohm was kept in his cell at Stadelheim prison for a couple of days after the initial arrest. Finally on July 1st a gun with a single bullet was placed in his cell and he was told he had ten minutes to shoot himself before the guards did it for him - to which he replied that if Hitler wanted him dead he could come and shoot him himself.
After the alloted time was up Michael Lippert and Theodor Eicke returned to the cell where they unloaded their revolvers into Rohm whom was standing bear-chested in defiance.
Sepp Dietrich and Michael Lippert Arrested For Night of the Long Knives Murderes
The postwar government of Germany was not happy about the early release of Dietrich. So they decided to arrest the pair and put them on trial for the murders they helped commit the weekend of operation Hummingbird.
Sepp Dietrich and Michael Lippert Trial For Night of Long Knives Murders
After being released after serving ten years of a life sentence Dietrich was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eighteen months along with Michael Lippert. Dietrich only served six months of the sentence.