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Cordel Hull
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Born 1871-10-02
Died 1955-07-23
Professional Politician that received a Nobel Peace Prize for helping to setup the United Nations.
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Rabbi wise being one of the most influential Jews in America was able to convince Cordell Hull and the State Department to launch an investigation into the Nazi’s treatment of Jews in Germany.
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In response to Rabbi Wise’s request to the State Department to investigate Germany in regards to reports of Jewish oppression going on Hull sends a telegram to United States embassy in Germany. In it Hull admittedly acknowledged that this was only to be a token investigation because he was “under heavy pressure”. He told the embassy to just do a press release stating that nothing was going on to stop the Jewish boycott march. The Embassy did this even though George Gordon at the Embassy said that Nazi denials of abuse were “absurd”.
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In an attempt to stall the Jews from protesting In New York against Nazi crimes then Secretary of State Cordell Hull sent the heads of the rally a false telegram. In it he stated that the United States government investigated the accusations against the Nazis and found that even though there was “considerable physical mistreatment” the protest should end because it was just a Nazi “phase” that could be “considered virtually terminated”.
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Cyrus Adler and Alfred Cohen receive a cable stating that the Nazi Göring was forcing top Jewish officials to lie about Nazis atrocities. The cable warned Jewish officials would be sending out cables to Jews abroad telling them to stop the anti-Nazi boycott because the anti-Nazi hysteria had been overly hyped.

Instead of releasing the cable to the public which would empower the anti-Nazi boycott the two men kept it hush, and sent the cable to the Secretary of State Cordel Hull who had already been oppressing this kind of information. Hull’s response was to setup a meeting time to discuss the contents of the cable.
Schacht’s Trip To America 1933-05-04 1933-05-13
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Schacht then President of Reichsbank had come to America to talk to President Roosevelt and the Secretary of State Hull about the current Germany situation. Roosevelt voiced concerns about the Jewish persecution going on in Germany, but was eager to mend economic ties. Also at the meeting Schacht dropped the bomb - Germany was running out of finances and would soon be defaulting on all external loans. Roosevelt’s response was “Serves the Wall Street bankers right!”. Hull was more concerned with this news and the affects that it would have on the depression ravaged American economy.

Schacht also met with President of RCA David Sarnoff and other prominent Jewish group heads including Stephen Wise. Schacht repeated the Nazi rhetoric that what was happening inside of Germany was not the concern of foreigners. The talks broke down and went nowhere - especially seeing that the Jews knew that the boycott was crippling Germany’s economy.

When Schacht was leaving he was contacted by James McDonald on behalf of the Foreign Policy Association. McDonald stated that France was talking about invading Germany and dividing up the country if the Jewish persecution continued. The information was relayed to Hitler after Schacht was back on the boat to Germany.