Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!
Through State Life Insurance, the whole population might be brought under government medical supervision. By periodical examinations the early beginnings of chronic diseases might be detected and thus arrested by timely instruction in regard to necessary changes in habits or occupations and every such case would be come an object lesson by means of which relatives and friends should be influenced to adopt preventives in time to avoid the same maladies. - John Harvey Kellogg

Stephen Samuel Wise

Rabbi Zionist that supported eugenics.

Stephen Samuel Wise
Birth 1874-03-17Death 1949-04-19
unknown date
Frankly, I think of Birth Control as an item, an important item, but just an item in the eugenic program I think it is supremely important as an item in the eugenic program, and the eugenic program is not Messianic. It again is an item, a very important item in a still larger program, and that larger program for me means this The translation of the ideals of human justice and human decency and human brotherliness in the life of the world That is all But without a eugenic program we shall not have the beginning, let alone the end of the realization of the social programs of which we are dreaming, and Birth Control, I repeat is the fundamental, primary element or item in the eugenic program.
unknown date
Jesus said, "The poor ye have with you always" Well, there are two things to be said about that, either that Jesus was vastly and tragically mistaken, or that Jesus was stating a lamentable fact, rather than indulging in a glorious prophecy Jesus was to great and perfect a humanitarian to assent to the notion that poverty was inextinguishable, that it was indestructible. He looked around him and he saw that poverty was -- that poverty is -- "The poor ye have with you always" Had Jesus been asked, "Must this always be so? Will the poor always be suffered to perish from the earth?" if I understand the nund of Jesus, he would have said, he must have said, something such as this "No the day will come when in obedience to the will of God, you will find a way of ending the sin of poverty in the world"
Cordell Hull Sends False Investigation Report To Stop Jewish Anti-Nazi Boycott
Started 1933-03-26Ended 1933-03-26
In an attempt to stall the Jews from protesting In New York against Nazi crimes then Secretary of State Cordell Hull sent the heads of the rally a false telegram. In it he stated that the United States government investigated the accusations against the Nazis and found that even though there was “considerable physical mistreatment” the protest should end because it was just a Nazi “phase” that could be “considered virtually terminated”.
Rabbi Stephen Wise Persuades State Department To Investigate Nazi Germany Humanitarian Issues
Started 1933-03-01Ended 1933-03-01
Rabbi wise being one of the most influential Jews in America was able to convince Cordell Hull and the State Department to launch an investigation into the Nazi’s treatment of Jews in Germany.
Cordell Hull Lies About Nazi Oppression
Started 1933-03-25Ended 1933-03-25
In response to Rabbi Wise’s request to the State Department to investigate Germany in regards to reports of Jewish oppression going on Hull sends a telegram to United States embassy in Germany. In it Hull admittedly acknowledged that this was only to be a token investigation because he was “under heavy pressure”. He told the embassy to just do a press release stating that nothing was going on to stop the Jewish boycott march. The Embassy did this even though George Gordon at the Embassy said that Nazi denials of abuse were “absurd”.
German Embassy Tries To Get Rabbi Wise To Call Off Anti-Nazi March
Started 1933-03-25Ended 1933-03-26
The German Embassy in the United States called Rabbi Wise throughout the weekend before the Madison Square Garden anti-Nazi march was to take place. They repeatedly told him that if he called the rally off that Nazi - Jewish relations will improve.
Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis Gives Rabbi Wise Ok For Anti-Nazi March
Started 1933-03-27Ended 1933-03-27
The morning of the anti-Nazi rally Rabbi Stephen Wise was wondering if he should call off the march. He was contacted by pro-Zionist groups in Germany asking him to call off the protest. He called then Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and gave him the final say. Brandeis told him to go through with the rally.
Anti-Nazi Rally At Madison Square Garden
Started 1933-03-27Ended 1933-03-27
The anti-Nazi rally lead by Rabbi Stephen Wise was a success. It completely filled Madison Square Gardens twenty thousand capacity, and spilled out side of the venue by an estimated thirty five thousand.

Other rallies were held in the United States, and around the world.

Rabbi M. S. Margolies
Catholic and former governor Alfred E. Smith
Methodist Episcopal Church Bishop Francis T. McConnell
Union head William Green
John Haynes Holmes
Senator Robert Wagner
Jewish Writer Samuel Margoshes
Jewish Activist Joseph Tenenbaum
Zionist Chaim Greenberg
Hitler and Göbbels Meet and Plan Anti-Jewish Boycott In Response Nazi Germany Boycott
Started 1933-03-26Ended 1933-03-26
In response to the Madison Square Garden boycott lead by Rabbi Wise to be held the next day - Hitler and Göbbels decide to have a counter boycott against German Jews.
Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis “The Jews Must Leave Germany”
Started 1933-02-14Ended 1933-02-14
Just two weeks after Hitler becomes chancellor Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis is on record in conversation with Stephen Wise saying that “the Jews must leave Germany. There is no other way”.
Rabbi Wise Receives A Copy Of The Riegner Cable
Started 1942-08-28Ended 1942-08-28
British Parliament member Sidney Silverman sends a copy of the Riegner cable to Rabbi Stephen Wise. The United States State Department had the document, but failed to relay the information to Wise.
Rosenbluth Leads Zionist Team to London To Enforce Göring’s Demands.
Started 1933-03-27Ended 1933-03-27
On the demand of Göring the German Jewish leaders go the London to stop the stop the anti-German boycott. The group was lead by Martin Rosenbluth, and also included Richard Lichtheim, and Ludwing Tietz.

Once in the Zionist headquarters they along with other British Zionist’s mad a phone call to rabbi Wise in the United States to get him to stop the Madison Square Garden protest which he declined to do.

When the group did what Göring asked they met with German ambassador Leopold von Hoesch who asked them to confront Rufus Isaacs the Lord of Reading. Isaacs was going to resign in protest of the Third Reich treatment of Jews, but Hitler did not want the bad press. The group was able to get Isaacs to delay his resignation by two weeks, but he still vented his frustrations in parliament a few hours later.
Schacht’s Trip To America
Started 1933-05-04Ended 1933-05-13
Schacht then President of Reichsbank had come to America to talk to President Roosevelt and the Secretary of State Hull about the current Germany situation. Roosevelt voiced concerns about the Jewish persecution going on in Germany, but was eager to mend economic ties. Also at the meeting Schacht dropped the bomb - Germany was running out of finances and would soon be defaulting on all external loans. Roosevelt’s response was “Serves the Wall Street bankers right!”. Hull was more concerned with this news and the affects that it would have on the depression ravaged American economy.

Schacht also met with President of RCA David Sarnoff and other prominent Jewish group heads including Stephen Wise. Schacht repeated the Nazi rhetoric that what was happening inside of Germany was not the concern of foreigners. The talks broke down and went nowhere - especially seeing that the Jews knew that the boycott was crippling Germany’s economy.

When Schacht was leaving he was contacted by James McDonald on behalf of the Foreign Policy Association. McDonald stated that France was talking about invading Germany and dividing up the country if the Jewish persecution continued. The information was relayed to Hitler after Schacht was back on the boat to Germany.


Zionist Organization of America - Founder
This group was originally called the “Federation of American Zionists”
American Civil Liberties Union - Co-Founder
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Co-Founder
Initiated 1909-02-12
American Jewish Congress - Founder
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