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Rufus Isaacs
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Born 1860-10-10
Died 1935-12-30
British Jew, a lawyer, and politician. Was given the title Lord of Reading.
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On the demand of Göring the German Jewish leaders go the London to stop the stop the anti-German boycott. The group was lead by Martin Rosenbluth, and also included Richard Lichtheim, and Ludwing Tietz.

Once in the Zionist headquarters they along with other British Zionist’s mad a phone call to rabbi Wise in the United States to get him to stop the Madison Square Garden protest which he declined to do.

When the group did what Göring asked they met with German ambassador Leopold von Hoesch who asked them to confront Rufus Isaacs the Lord of Reading. Isaacs was going to resign in protest of the Third Reich treatment of Jews, but Hitler did not want the bad press. The group was able to get Isaacs to delay his resignation by two weeks, but he still vented his frustrations in parliament a few hours later.
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After learning about Hitler’s plan to counter the Jewish boycott of Germany with his own German-Jewish boycott the German Zionist group visiting London on Goring’s demand began having secret meetings with rich and powerful British Jews. The solution was to follow through with Zionist plan by the mass movement of Jews to Israel.

They met with Chaim Weizmann who helped setup meetings with Anthony Rothschild, Rufus Isaacs, Pinchas Rutenberg, and Lord Sieff.