Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!
brother Joseph B. Nobles once told a Methodist priest, after hearing him describe his god, that the god they worshipped was the "Mormons'" Devil-a being without a body, whereas our God has a body, parts, and passions. The Devil was cursed and sent down from heaven. He has no body of his own; therefore he is constantly endeavouring to obtain possession of the tabernacles belonging to others. Some have grumbled because I believe our God to be so near to us as Father Adam. There are many who know that doctrine to be true. - Brigham Young

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

World famous composer and Freemason.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Birth 1756-01-27Death 1791-12-05
Mozart giving the sign of the master of the second veil.Mozart giving the sign of the master of the second veil.


Freemasonry - Member
Initiated 1784-12-14
Lodge Zur Wohltatigkeit (To Charity)
Freemasonry - Member
Lodge Zur wahren Eintracht (To True Concord)
Freemasonry - Raised
Initiated 1784-12-05
Die Grotte - Founder
Retired 1791-12-05