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vocational training is training for work or labor; it is specialized rather than general; it is for an extrinsic end; and ultimately it is the education of slaves or workers. And from my point of view it makes no difference whether you say slaves or workers, for you mean that the worker is a man who does nothing but work -- a state of affairs which has obtained, by the way, during the whole industrial period, from its beginning almost to our day. - Mortimer Jerome Adler

Oliver Hervy Pliny Cowdery

a 'witness' of the gold disks of the Mormon cult, and scribe of the book of Mormon.

Oliver Hervy Pliny Cowdery
Birth 1806-10-03Death 1850-03-03
Oliver Cowdery Comes to the House Of Joseph Smith
Started 1829-04-05Ended 1829-04-05
Smith claims that his family told Oliver Cowdery about the gold disks and Cowdery showed up at Smith’s house to inquiry about the disks.
Joseph Smith Translates The Gold Disks
Started 1829-04-07
Joseph Smith begins using the magic rocks that came with the gold disks to translate it into the book of Mormon. Oliver Cowdery was the scribe.
Joseph Smith Becomes an Aaronic Priest
Started 1829-05-15Ended 1829-05-15
Once again Joseph Smith, and Oliver Cowdery go into the woods and pray where John the Baptist tells them how to baptize one another (in the Susquehanna River) to be come ’Aaronic Priests’. Also that he (John) acts under Peter, James and John who could make the two men into ’Melchizedek Priests’.
Smith also becomes the ’First Elder of the Church’
Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery Become Melchizedek Priests
Peter, James and John (the apostles of Jesus) come to Joseph Smith, and Oliver Cowdery by the Susquehanna River to make them Melchizedek Priests in the cult of Mormon.


Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Aaronic Priest
Initiated 1829-05-15
Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Melchizedek Priest
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