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Joseph Smith

Freemason founder of the Morman Church (Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints LDS)

Joseph Smith
Birth 1805-12-23Death 1844-06-27
Masonic M Hand SignMasonic M Hand Sign
FatherJoseph Smith
MotherLucy Mack Smith
Joseph Smith Claims God Appears To Him
At age 14 Joseph Smith goes into the woods to pray vocally even though he admits that he ’scarcely’ ever prayed.
When he starts to pray a ’darkness’ came around him that he says was trying to destroy him. He claims that this darkness was a being from an unseen world with marvellous powers.
Just before Smith felt this being about to kill him a great beam of light appeared, revealing God the Father, and Jesus Christ which chase the being away from him. He then asks which church should he join, and is told by Jesus that all churches are an “abomination in his sight”, and that Smith was to restore the true church.

Smith’s church claims that God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all Gods, but not one in the same.
Joseph Smith Sees the Angel Moroni
Started 1823-09-21Ended 1823-09-22
Joseph Smith prays for forgiveness of sins, and a manifestation. Upon calling for a ’divine manifestation’ an angel named Moroni appears to him. He tells Smith about the ’everlasting gospel’ that was written on gold disks, also of two magic stones named Urim and Thummim that were in silver bows connected to a breastplate. Moroni continued that the two stones that were buried with the gold disks would be used to translate the disks.

Moroni left and appeared two more times, to repeat the exact same thing over again, adding very little new information to the end of his speech both times.
When Moroni left for the third time the Smith says the cock crowed - this paralleling the denying of Christ three times by Peter before the cock crowed in the books of Matthew 26:74, Mark 14:68-72, Luke 22:60-61, and John 18:27.
The next day Moroni appears again to Smith and Moroni repeats the exact same thing to Smith a fourth time, and then tells Smith to go tell his father of the vision.
Joseph Smith Digs Up the Gold Plates 1st Time
Started 1823-09-22Ended 1823-09-22
The angel Moroni tells Joseph Smith to dig up the gold disks, and then put them back.
Joseph Smith Digs Up the Gold Plates 2nd Time
Started 1824-09-22Ended 1824-09-22
Joseph Smith digs up the gold disks, but the angel Moroni tells then put them back.
Joseph Smith Digs Up the Gold Plates 3rd Time
Started 1825-09-22Ended 1825-09-22
Joseph Smith digs up the gold disks, but the angel Moroni tells then put them back.
Joseph Smith Digs Up the Gold Plates 4th Time
Started 1826-09-22Ended 1826-09-22
Joseph Smith digs up the gold disks, but the angel Moroni tells then put them back.
Oliver Cowdery Comes to the House Of Joseph Smith
Started 1829-04-05Ended 1829-04-05
Smith claims that his family told Oliver Cowdery about the gold disks and Cowdery showed up at Smith’s house to inquiry about the disks.
Joseph Smith Translates The Gold Disks
Started 1829-04-07
Joseph Smith begins using the magic rocks that came with the gold disks to translate it into the book of Mormon. Oliver Cowdery was the scribe.
Joseph Smith Becomes an Aaronic Priest
Started 1829-05-15Ended 1829-05-15
Once again Joseph Smith, and Oliver Cowdery go into the woods and pray where John the Baptist tells them how to baptize one another (in the Susquehanna River) to be come ’Aaronic Priests’. Also that he (John) acts under Peter, James and John who could make the two men into ’Melchizedek Priests’.
Smith also becomes the ’First Elder of the Church’
Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery Become Melchizedek Priests
Peter, James and John (the apostles of Jesus) come to Joseph Smith, and Oliver Cowdery by the Susquehanna River to make them Melchizedek Priests in the cult of Mormon.
Joseph Smith Receives The Gold Plates
Started 1827-09-22Ended 1827-09-22
Joseph Smith goes to dig up the gold plates in his yearly ritual, but instead the angel Moroni gives them to him and says for Smith to keep the plates and other items safe - until Moroni calls for the plates back.
The Printed Book Of Mormon Becomes Available To the Public
Started 1830-03-26
With a disclaimer on the first page that it contains fallacies the book of mormon is published and given to the public:

“And now, if there are faults they are the mistakes of men; wherefore, condemn not the things of God, that ye may be found spotless at the judgment-seat of Christ.”


Freemasonry - Entered Apprentice
Initiated 1842-03-15Retired 1842-03-15
Freemasonry - Master Mason
Initiated 1842-03-16Retired 1844-06-27
Just a day after being initiated into the freemasonry cult he becomes a Master Mason - skipping the second level which is Fellow Craft.
Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Aaronic Priest
Initiated 1829-05-15
Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Melchizedek Priest
Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - First Elder of the Church
Initiated 1829-05-15Retired 1844-06-27
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