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Khalid Sheik Mohammed

Supposed mastermind of the 911 attacks.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed
Birth 1964-03-01
Bush States ’Damn Right’ I Ordered Torture - Making Him An Admitted War Criminal
Started 2010-11-04Ended 2010-11-04
In his new book Bush admits ’Damn Right’ that he personally ordered the waterboarding of prisoners. This included Khalid Sheik Mohammed the supposed master mind of 911 attacks. This is an admission of guilt of war crimes against humanity lined out by the Geneva Convention.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses While His Own Children Were Captured And Being “Abused”
Started 2007-03-10Ended 2007-03-10
Page 16 the “President” of the document asks two times if Khalid is under pressure or duress, even though Bush admitted in 2010 that he personalty gave the order to torture Khalid.
PRESIDENT: I do note that in one of the exhibits you indicate you are not under any pressure or duress today. Is that Correct?
DETAINEE: That is about I’m hearing today. Yes.
PRESIDENT: So anything.
DETAINEE: Some of this information, I not state it to them.
PRESIDENT: The information that you are telling us today, so we are clear. You do not believe you are under pressure or threat or duress to speak to us today, is that correct?
DETAINEE: Yes, that’s correct.

Page 19 Khalid has to correct entry 29 (that he supposedly wrote him self) to say he was not fulling responsible, but shared in responsibility.

On page 24 he states that his children are being detained and abused - “They arrested my kids intentionally. They are kids. They been arrested for four months they had been abused”

It is also interesting to note that Khalid keeps telling the commission to be fair to detainees that are innocent of being "enemy combatants" - even the ones that would had been his enemies in Afghanistan.
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