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At first, in art, the sex organs were represented by pictures of them, but as man developed and ideas of morals changes, such representations seemed offensive or crude, and they were therefore gradually modified until the symbols could scarcely be recognized as sexual in origin. Other explanations and meanings where invented for the masses, who were no supposed to understand the true meanings. Thus, symbols came to have two meanings, the esoteric and the exoteric. - Charles G. Berger

Friedrich Thyssen

German industrialist, banker.

Friedrich Thyssen
Birth 1873-11-09Death 1951-02-08
FatherAugust Thyssen
MotherHedwig Pelzer
Thyssen’s United States Bank Union Banking Corporation Is Seized
Started 1942-10-05Ended 1942-10-05
Under the Trading with the Enemy act Executive Order Number 9095 seizes Thyssen’s American arm of his finances -the Union Banking Corporation.
Thyssen Purchases Barlow Palace For Nazi Headquarters
Fritz Thyssen buys a palace for the Nazi party. It was purchased with money from the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvarrt in Rotterdam.
Goering Arranges Meeting With Hitler, Schacht, and Thyssen
Started 1931-01-01Ended 1931-01-01
In a meeting arranged by Goering, Hitler gets to preach his party line to top banker Hjalmar Schacht, and German Industrialist Fritz Thyssen. Both became major financial backers of the Nazi party.


Nazi Party - National Socialist German Workers’ Party - Member
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