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John O. Brennan

Counter-terrorism advisor to Obama.

John O. Brennan
Birth 1955-09-22
Brennan Claims Qaddafi Is Going To Hit “International Community” With Terror Attack
Started 2011-03-18Ended 2011-03-18
Using the same propaganda lies used to demonize Saddam Husein with make believe weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - Brennan stats Qaddafi may unleash mustard gas on the “international community”.

Per the New Yorks Times - to prevent this from happening the Obama administration will be stepping up “eavesdropping, spy satellite coverage and more informants on the ground”. They do not specify if that will be here in the United States, or in Libya.

Brennan also insinuates that Qaddafi may join with Al-Qaeda even though Qaddafi is saying the rebels he is fighting against is Al-Qaeda.
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