Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!
As a few companions were sitting with me one evening, we debated in turn voluntary parenthood, voluntary motherhood, the new motherhood, constructive generation, and new generation. The terms already in use - Neo-Malthusianism, Family Limitation, and Conscious Generation seemed stuffy and lacked popular appeal... We tried population control, race control, and birth rate control. Then someone suggested 'drop the rate.' Birth control was the answer. - Margaret Higgins Sanger

John Studholme Brownrigg

Freemason - had a lodge named after him in London.

John Studholme Brownrigg
Studholme Lodge In Surbiton Consecrated
Started 1876-01-31
The Studholme lodge in Surbiton, Surrey was founded, and named after the family of John Studholme Brownrigg.
Studholme Lodge Moved To London
The popular lodge that so many of Britain’s rich elite and politicians were apart of in Surrey moved it’s operation to London.


Freemasonry - Provincial Grand Master
Provincial Grand Lodge in Surrey
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