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I wish that I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big America cities to help in the elections. We look on Heinrich Ford as the leader of the growing Fascisti movement in America. We admire particularly his anti-Jewish policy which is the Bavarian Fascisti plaform. We have just had his anti-Jewish articles translated and published. The book is being circulated to millions throughout Germany. - Adolf Hitler

Henry John Spencer-Churchill

Grand Master Freemason, part of the house of Marlborough, and Royal Navy captain. He died on the HMS Dolphin in the China Sea (claimed by MQ magazine). Cannot find any detail on this battle.

Henry John Spencer-Churchill
Death 1840-06-02
Masonic Lodge Named After Henry John Spencer-Churchill
After Henry Spencer-Churchill’s death in battle on the HMS Dolphin the Churchill Lodge #702 masonic lodge was named after him. Winston Churchill’s Father, and Uncle were both initiated into this lodge.


Freemasonry - Deputy Grand Master
Lodge of Antiquity #2
Freemasonry - Past Senior Grand Warden
Freemasonry - President of the Board of General Purposes
Freemasonry - Provincial Grand Master
Initiated 1836-09-02Retired 1840-06-02