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Joseph Smith Sees the Angel Moroni
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Joseph Smith prays for forgiveness of sins, and a manifestation. Upon calling for a ’divine manifestation’ an angel named Moroni appears to him. He tells Smith about the ’everlasting gospel’ that was written on gold disks, also of two magic stones named Urim and Thummim that were in silver bows connected to a breastplate. Moroni continued that the two stones that were buried with the gold disks would be used to translate the disks.

Moroni left and appeared two more times, to repeat the exact same thing over again, adding very little new information to the end of his speech both times.
When Moroni left for the third time the Smith says the cock crowed - this paralleling the denying of Christ three times by Peter before the cock crowed in the books of Matthew 26:74, Mark 14:68-72, Luke 22:60-61, and John 18:27.
The next day Moroni appears again to Smith and Moroni repeats the exact same thing to Smith a fourth time, and then tells Smith to go tell his father of the vision.
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