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When the business interests, lead by William C. Whitney, pushed through the first instalment of civil service reform in 1883, <strong>they expected that they would be able to control both political parties equally. Indeed, some of them intended to contribute to both and allow an alternation of the two parties in public office in order to conceal their own influence, inhibit any exhibition of independence by politicians, and allow the electorate to believe that they were exercising their own free choice.</strong> - Carroll Quigley

Lawrence B. Wilkerson

Former Army Colonel, and Chief of Staff to Colin Powell.

Lawrence B. Wilkerson
Birth 1945-06-15
CIA Gives Colin Powell False Intelligence to Goto War With Iraq.
Started 2003-02-01Ended 2003-02-01
George Tenet & John McLaughlin of the CIA gave Powell false intelligence from the interrogations of an unnamed prisoner that there were links between Iraq and Al Qaida. They stated that “a high-level Al Qaida detainee had just revealed under interrogation substantive contacts between Al Qaida and Baghdad, including Iraqis training Al Qaida operatives in the use of chemical and biological weapons”. Wilkerson later said that the source was Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi who recanted after stating that he was just telling the tortures what they wanted to hear.
CIA Iraq - al-Qaeda Connection Intelligence Was From Foreigners In Egypt
Lawrence Wilkerson states that in 2004 he found out that the confession under threat of torture from Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi was preformed in Egypt with no US intelligence to backup that it even happened. So the intelligence that led the United States to war with Iraq under George W. Bush was preformed with no US officers as witnesses to the confession. Also the torture preformed in this foreign country did not fit under the treaty of the Geneva Convention.
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