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The existence of a conspiracy for the destruction of the Western world as the prelude for shepherding mankind into a sheep’s pen as a prelude to One World tyranny. - Arthur Kenneth Chesterton


CIA spin off group form the Mujahideen that were financed during the cold war with Russia in Afghanistan.

CIA Iraq - al-Qaeda Connection Intelligence Was From Foreigners In Egypt
Lawrence Wilkerson states that in 2004 he found out that the confession under threat of torture from Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi was preformed in Egypt with no US intelligence to backup that it even happened. So the intelligence that led the United States to war with Iraq under George W. Bush was preformed with no US officers as witnesses to the confession. Also the torture preformed in this foreign country did not fit under the treaty of the Geneva Convention.
Nawaf Alhazmi Attends Al Qaeda Meeting In Malaysia Under CIA Surveillance
CIA tracked Alhazmi from a Al Qaeda meeting in the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur back to the Los Angeles, California. This meeting was with Fahad al-Quso who was a suspect of the USS Cole bombing, and Riduan Isamuddin a suspect in the Bojinka plot. On his flight back to the US he flew with another 911 hijacker Khalid Almihdhar. The CIA did nothing with this information knowing that Alhazmi conversing with a known Al Qaeda terrorist, and allowed him free reign in the United States. This report is contradicted by George Tenet’s Testimony before a joint inquiry into terrorist attacks where he stated that the CIA knew about Nawaf & Khalid in late 1999. They began surveillance and claim to only know Khalid’s full identity in early 2000 just before the Malaysia meeting, and Nawaf’s identity after the meeting.
CIA Finally Reports Two Al Qaeda Terrorists Roaming United States
Started 2001-08-23Ended 2001-09-11
After repeated warnings that Al Qaeda was going to strike the United States the CIA tells the State Department, Customs, INS, and the FBI that Nawaf Alhazmi, and Khalid Almihdhar were suspected terrorists and within the United States.

In George Tenet’s testimony before the joint inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks he states “CIA sent a Central Intelligence Report to the Department of State, FBI, INS, and other US Government agencies requesting that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar be entered into VISA/VIPER, TIPOFF, and TECS [Treasury Enforcement Communication System]. The message said that CIA recommends that the two men be watchlisted immediately and denied entry into the US”. At this point the CIA already knew they were inside the US

Despite this they were still able to hijack flight 77.
White House Claims 911 Terrorists Had Top-Secret Codes For Air Force One and Nine Other Ag
Started 2001-09-11Ended 2001-09-27
In an Debka news article that reads like a bad 007 fiction novel they state that the 911 Terrorists had top-secret codes that allowed them to know where air-force one was, and decode it’s incoming and outgoing transmissions. The U.S. government also thinks that the hijackers had access to codes of the National Security Agency, Drug Enforcement Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Marine Corpse Intelligence, the State Department, and the Department of Energy.
White House Had a “Misunderstanding” About Air Force One Threat (It Never Happened)
Started 2001-09-27Ended 2001-09-27
The threat from the 911 hijackers having top-secret codes and sending an encoded message to Air force One stating “Angel being next” never happened. It took the Bush administration two weeks to admit they were wrong about the threats.
U.S.S. Cole Bombing
Started 2000-10-12Ended 2000-10-12
In the country of Yemen, in city of Aden the U.S.S. Cole was bombed by a small fishing boat. The blast killed 17 and wounded 39 others.
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