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Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Hindenburg

Pre World War II President of Germany.

Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Hindenburg
Birth 1847-10-02Death 1934-02-08
Hitler Joins Presidency and Chancellor Office
Started 1934-08-01Ended 1934-08-02
When von Hindenburg died on the 2nd Hitler announces a bill that the Chancellorship and Presidency offices would be merged into one with Hitler taking that position. Von Hindenburg had been sick, but to how they posted the date on the bill the day before seems either lucky, his death was planed, or they lied and post dated the bill the day before he died.
Hitler Requests The Chancellorship After Nazi Party Becomes Largest Party In The Reichstag
Started 1932-08-13Ended 1932-08-13
Once the Nazi party became the largest party in the Reichstag Hitler held a meeting with President Hindenburg to request the Chancellorship. Since the Nazis did not hold the majority Hindenburg turned him down.
Petition To Hindenburg For Hitler As Chancellor
Due to Communist party power growing in Germany some predominant powers began a petition to get Hindenburg to appoint Hitler to the chancellorship.
Czech President Would Stand By Polish Invasion Of Nazi Germany
Started 1933-04-22Ended 1933-04-22
In a cable sent from von Hassell to von Neurath and von Hindenburg he stats that reliable sources close to Czech President Masaryk had stated that he would support Poland if they decided for a preemptive war against Germany.
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