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Albert Arnold Gore

Former United States VP, global warming champion, was involved in sex scandal that caused split of marriage.

Albert Arnold Gore
Birth 1948-03-31
Rick Perry: Texas Campaign Manager For Global Warming Champion Al Gore
During Al Gore’s presidential bid Rick Perry was the head of the campaign in Texas. By then Gore was already touting the save the ozone layer propaganda, along with the demonization of greenhouse gases.
Rick Perry Lie: I Supported Al Gore Before He “Got To Be Mr. Global Warming”
Started 2011-08-15Ended 2011-08-15
In a radio interview Rick Perry stated that he was campaign manager for Al Gore “before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming”. This statement is deceiving as a Politico article Perry backed crusading Gore in ’88 points out “global warming was already a significant theme for Gore in 1987 and 1988”. In a 1987 speech Gore said that one of his major tasks was to “confront the emerging problems of the greenhouse effect and the threat to our ozone”.

So in spite of what Perry says, Gore was well on his way to being the champion for climate change. Politico called and talked with Perry’s spokesman Mark Miner, and Miner stated that Perry did know about Gore’s positions, but they just disagreed because “the governor has always been a conservative” - (that just happened to campaign for a socialist democrat).
Molly Hagerty’s Accusations Of Al Gore’s Forced Sex Attempt
Started 2006-10-24Ended 2010-06-30
In 2006 while in a Portland, Oregon hotel Al Gore orders a massage that lasts nearly three hours starting at 10:30 at night. According to the therapist’s police report Gore wanted her to massage his private areas, and when she refused he shoved her hand under the sheets to his private part. When she continued to refuse his advances he began pleading for her to release his “second chakra”.

At this point to therapist says she wants to end the session, but Gore grabs her in an embrace and begins groping her and kissing her. After repeated refusals of sex with Gore he then overpowers her by throwing her on the bed and lays on top of her. After more forced kissing and inappropriate fondling she finally frees her self from his hold, and runs out of the room.

One of the woman’s friends told her not to report the incident to police and instead told her to “to just suck it up; otherwise, the world’s going to be destroyed from global warming”.

December 2006 through January 2007 Hagerty got a lawyer, but canceled several times to make a report to the authorities. The police report was finally filed in January of 2009.

In 2007 a Portland area paper wrote up a story, but after contacting Gore’s lawyers failed to run the story.

The National Enquirer got a hold of the story in June of 2010 and made national headlines.

The Portland police to re-open the case on Al Gore for the sexual attack on June 30th 2010.

July 21st 2010 the National Enquirer states they found two more women that were attacked in similar manner as Hagerty. One in Beverly Hills 2007, and the second in Tokyo 2008. Neither accuser came forward with their name.

The case was closed a month later July 30th 2010 due to “due to a lack of credible evidence”.
Divorce of Al and Tipper Gore
Started 2010-06-01Ended 2010-06-01
Al and Tipper Gore announce a pending divorce. This news just before allegations of sexual attack on a Portland, Oregon hotel massage therapist Molly Hagerty by Al Gore became public.

Since then anonymous sources have said Gore had an affair with Laurie David, and that Tipper was jealous of Al Gore having affairs with other women.


United States Executive Branch - 45th Vice-President
Initiated 1993-01-20Retired 2001-01-20
Apple Computer Company - Member of the Board
Initiated 2003-03-19
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