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Islamic Republic of Iran

An Islamic state in the middle east. It is located in the geographical area that is known through history as Persia.

Islamic Republic of Iran
Cheney’s Iran PT Boat False Flag Idea
Seymour Hersh setting in on a meeting with Dick Cheney said that the Vice President proposed a false flag to get us into a war with Iran. The idea was that the United States would create 4 to 5 Iran PT boats, load them up with Navy SEALS and a lot of arms -- and then the next time one of our boats goes through the straights of vermouth start a shoot up.
Times Of London: Document Is Proof Iran Almost Has Nukes
Started 2009-12-14Ended 2009-12-14
The Times received “confidential intelligence documents” that claim Iran is “testing a key final component of a nuclear bomb”. The Times states that the document is mostly “technical” but are confirmation that the Iranian government is using the reason of making nuclear power plants as a cover for making a nuke. It later comes out that the document was faked.
U.S. intelligence Finds That Iran Nuke Document Was Faked
Started 2009-12-28Ended 2009-12-28
Philip Giraldi who is a former United States CIA official releases information to IPS that the Document that the Times of London clams that Iran is close to having a nuke is forged. He also says that the United States was not involved with the forgery, but that Israel is probably behind it. Giraldi also goes on to say that news outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch have “been used extensively to publish false intelligence from the Israelis and occasionally from the British government”. The Times never reports that the documents was forged.
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