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In all the ancient religions, the being who guides the human spirit through the underworld and helps negotiate the way past the guardian demons is the god of the planet Mercury. But the initiates of the Mystery schools kept an even stranger secret. Halfway on the journey through the spheres, there is a swap. The task of guiding the human spirit upwards is taken over by a great being whose identity may perhaps be a surprise. in the latter part of the spirit’s ascent through the heavenly spheres, the guide who lights the way is Lucifer. - Mark Booth

Richard Bruce Cheney

Career Politician holding positions such as vice president, chief of staff, house representative, secretary of defense, and others. He was also CEO for Halliburton during the Clinton administration.

Richard Bruce Cheney
Birth 1941-01-30
Cheney’s Iran PT Boat False Flag Idea
Seymour Hersh setting in on a meeting with Dick Cheney said that the Vice President proposed a false flag to get us into a war with Iran. The idea was that the United States would create 4 to 5 Iran PT boats, load them up with Navy SEALS and a lot of arms -- and then the next time one of our boats goes through the straights of vermouth start a shoot up.
Ronald Asmus Suggests Dick Cheney Wanted To Start War With Russia
Started 2008-08-11Ended 2008-08-11
A book written by Ronald Asmus called “A Little War That Shook The World” suggests that the then Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to start a war between the United States and Russia over the Georgian government sneak attacking Russian peace keepers.
CIA Assassination Team Disbanded
Started 2009-01-05
CIA director Leon Panetta disbanded a CIA operated clandestine hit team because it was operating outside of the knowledge of Congress. This lack of knowledge by Congress was "supposedly" requested by Dick Cheney. The CIA claimed that no hits had successfully taken place.

George Tenet claims that he would not do this team, but Porter Goss and Michael Hayden approved the project and would setup hits as they found people.
Dick Cheney States He “Was a Big Supporter of Waterboarding”
Started 2010-02-14Ended 2010-02-14
On abc news Dick Cheney admits that he “Was a big supporter of waterboarding” and a “big supporter of enhanced interrogation techniques”, and that he was “opposed” to the stop of their usage.

He also says that Obama is using torture as well.
White House Anti-Aircraft Battery And Black Hawk Put On Alert For Fast Moving Cloud
Started 2005-04-28Ended 2005-04-28
When a fast moving cloud was spotted on radar Bush was taken to a bunker under the White House, and Cheney was taken to an undisclosed location.

The anti-aircraft battery was put on ready status, and a Black Hawk helicopter was dispatched to check out the cloud which turned out just to be a cloud.

The alert lasted about twenty minutes and then the president and vice-president were released from their safe places.
Dick Cheney’s Bohemian Grove Government Policy Speech
In 1991 Philip Weiss sneaked into Bohemian Grove and was witness to a (then Defense Secretary) Dick Cheney speech entitled “Major Defense Problems of the 21st Century”. This is in-spite of attendees state that this is a place for fun and fellowship where no policy is discussed.


Council on Foreign Relations - Director
Cheney’s first time to sit as a Director of the CFR.
Council on Foreign Relations - Director
This was Cheney’s second time being a Director of the CFR.
Halliburton - CEO
Bohemian Grove - Member
- July 1991
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